HDFC Bank aims to create winners in its new TVCs

HDFC Bank aims to create winners in its new TVCs

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, Feb 25,2009 7:22 AM

HDFC Bank aims to create winners in its new TVCs

HDFC Bank, which recently launched the ‘HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarship’, is taking forward this initiative via two TVCs titled ‘Must be Serious’ and ‘Making a Mess’. The campaign has been conceptualised by Satbir Singh, NCD, and Nilesh Vaidya, Senior Creative Director, Euro RSCG. Ravi Deshpande Films has produced the films.

The campaign aims to convey the pride associated with winning in different ways to different target segments. The HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarship programme is an ambitious programme, which seeks to reward all-round excellence among students and help contribute to their overall development. The awardees from all over the country would receive a scholarship ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 10 lakh.

Speaking on the creative approach to the brief, Nilesh Vaidya explained, “We decided to have a two-pronged approach. Since we had to talk to both parents and kids, the same insights may not work for both. Therefore, one film was more skewed towards kids (‘Must be serious’). Contrary to the title, it’s a fun film based on an insight that any child will relate to. The other film (‘Making a mess’) has more of an adult, emotional appeal, and we felt it would work better for parents.”

The campaign will be mainly driven by television, but will also be supported by below the line activities.

‘Must be Serious’

The film revolves around a very basic insight – a child who’s an ‘achiever’ can do no wrong. Whatever he does, even when he’s being mischievous, lazy or just generally being a kid, is interpreted by people around him as ‘hey, he must be doing something meaningful’. The reason is unveiled at the end – Ajay, the boy in question, has won a Meritus Scholarship.

‘Making a Mess’

This is a take that celebrates parents’ pride in their child’s achievement. A boy who has won the Scholarship wants to surprise his mother with it, and chooses to do so in a typically childish way – by making a mess, leaving a trail of things for his mother to pick up that lead to the Scholarship scroll. By the time she gets there, she’s fuming at her son’s untidiness. That turns to joy once she realises what he has been up to.

The films will stay on air for a couple of weeks, Vaidya said, adding that the short burst was to get maximum numbers of registrations before kids started preparing for their final exams.

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