HDFC Bank’s new campaign explains why not to make HDFC your landmark

HDFC Bank’s new campaign explains why not to make HDFC your landmark

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Saturday, Nov 08,2008 6:56 AM

HDFC Bank’s new campaign explains why not to make HDFC your landmark

HDFC Bank is considered to be largest private sector bank in the country in terms of branch network size. In order to emphasise this, the Bank is kicking off a campaign with two TVCs, titled ‘Lost boy’ and ‘Moon’, that break on November 8 across all channels. The campaign highlights the message that no matter where one goes, there will be an HDFC Bank branch in the locality.

Euro RSCG’s Nilesh Vaidya and Mansi Bindal have conceptualised the two TVCs, ‘Lost Boy’ and ‘Moon’, respectively. Parag Kulkarni of Ramesh Deo Productions has directed the films. Starcom Worldwide is the media agency handling the account.

Nilesh Vaidya said, “The brief given to us was that HDFC Bank has the largest branch network size. Hence, the message was to convey why one shouldn’t choose an HDFC Bank branch as one’s landmark since there is a branch everywhere.”

Both the TVCs feature kids as Vaidya believes that they fit into the idea very well, lending some innocence to the idea. The first film ‘Lost boy’ shows a small boy who has lost his way. A friendly stranger offers to take him home and the boy directs him to various HDFC Bank branches in the locality as one such branch forms a landmark for his home. Both end up lost and confused as nearly every lane and street has an HDFC Bank branch.

The second film, titled ‘Moon’, shows a little girl looking out of her car window at the moon, which seems to be following her all the way. She also sees an HDFC Bank branch on the way. While lying in bed at night she looks out of the window and notices with joy that the moon ‘followed’ her home. As she looks down she sees the neon-lit sign of an HDFC Bank branch by the road glowing in the dark. She thinks the Bank has also ‘followed’ her home.

Besides television, the campaign will be supported by outdoor mediums and other BTL activities that will collaterals at Bank branches.

Following its merger with Centurion Bank of Punjab, HDFC Bank now has over 1,400 branches and 2,900 ATMs. The Bank’s market research has consistently highlighted the fact that proximity to residence/office is the single most important reason for a customer to choose his bank. Hence, keeping this in mind HDFC has kicked off this campaign to highlight its large network.

The campaign will be on air for the next 2-3 months.

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