advertising Guest Column: Women - The Krishnas of today - Santosh Padhi

Guest Column: Women - The Krishnas of today - Santosh Padhi

Author | Santosh Padhi | Monday, Mar 24,2014 7:11 AM

Guest Column: Women - The Krishnas of today - Santosh Padhi

In India, a woman is still referred to as a “devi.” While a man isn’t referred to as "dev" anymore. As we progressed, we men grew greedier, more cunning, and lost all purity. We became manavs. Yet, somehow, women managed to retain most of the goodness. Hence, they still hold that title.

There was always women empowerment in our society. That’s why we have great women to whom the nation owes a lot, be Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, Jijamata or Sarojini Naidu. Or even the world’s longest-serving Prime Minister, and India’s first and only female to hold the office, Indira Gandhi,an extraordinary leader, who laid the foundation for a better country.

Harken back tothe golden days, when a queen’s opinion on all things important was valued. Her point of view, her ability to look at things under a different lightmade her hold a special place in most palaces and royal households. India has evolved from a nation that once placed much importance on women to one that relegated to a place of negligence. But, placing her in the corner of inequality has made her powerful. She has suffered so much, tolerated so much, that today, she is back with a bang. And from here on, I believe, she will keep accelerating.

She is tougher than men. And is capable of handling situations in a more mature way than a man would. Even the male-female ratio of heart disease is 8:1,which, I think, says a lot about the level of patience and will power a female has while facing society and handling pressures.

Today, the number of female feticides has marginally decreased. Not so much because of the government’s aggressive campaigning, but because “she” has decided to speak up for her daughter. And her family members have realised that her words are strong enough to leave everyone speechless.

There was a time when brands preferred to portray a woman as nothing more than a mere sex symbol. If you try to create an ad for a random category (think cements or tyres) today, where you show a woman in a bikini emerging from a pool, you’ll face nothing but brickbats.

The “Saas-Bahu” serials that once took the country and the TRPs by storm did so because they connected to the audience. It showed them slices of empowerment and happiness. There was a time when they were scoring more than an India-Pakistan match.

So, things have changed, so should be our perspective todays them, India cricket team for last few years has a fabulous batting side than doesn’t mean the bowling side should be ignored.

In most categories where we wish to target both the husband and the wife, we notice that it’s the wife who ends up making the decision. Be it FMCG, housing, property, automobile, kids’ education, etc., she is the one who has the last word. The man may, in some cases, be the one who pays, but, she is the one who decides what the money is being spent on. She is strong, while being emotional, too. And a lot of brands have started giving her the position that she deserves.

To borrow from mythology, women are the Krishnas to our Arjuna. The kartas and also the dhartas of our families. In most cases, they show us the way out, they make sure the family chariot keep rolling in the right direction. She is cooler, sexier and does everything in style, she is in the driver’s seat today. She's the thread that binds us together. Our anchors. Our voice of reason. Our backbone.
Jai Shree Krishna!

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