Guest Column: Be prepared to meet Punjab at Goafest - Titus Upputuru

Guest Column: Be prepared to meet Punjab at Goafest - Titus Upputuru

Author | Titus Upputuru | Friday, May 30,2014 2:01 PM

Guest Column: Be prepared to meet Punjab at Goafest - Titus Upputuru

This year, there has been too much focus on some agencies not participating. Our primary goal was to shift the conversation from that. Goafest is more than just the awards. There are a lot of knowledge seminars, people come from across the world, share their views, have conversations – it is a true celebration of brands. So, we decided to focus on the celebration angle and came up with ‘Brand Baaja Baarat’.

Goafest is also like the Indian equivalent of Cannes, so we wanted to give it an Indian dose of pomp and show, and there’s no better inspiration for that than an Indian wedding.

We’ve infused a lot of Indian inspiration as well – the motifs, typography, the name itself is in Hinglish. There is an immense wealth of design, typography and colour within our local regions. So, instead of making it slick, we took the inspiration from within India versus trying to copy something from the Western world. We are a creative force to reckon with right now and if we haven’t beaten the world as yet, we are at par for sure.

If you see the word ‘Brand’, the letters are taken from different brands. It is almost like Indian pop art, if you want to call it. We used the Indian band men and made a very confident and unabashed design form which is very loud. We as a country are not quiet, we don’t have a stiff upper lip, we celebrate like no one’s business. Whatever we do is unabashed, completely in your face and on the street, colour, et al. We have tried to capture all of that.

Even the website reflects what Brand Baaja Baarat is all about, with a completely Indian look – whether it is the topi or the pagdis, jaimala or varmala – all the things that go into an Indian wedding.

We’ve named the award ceremony ‘Talent Weds Trophy’. Chances are people are applying for deliberations, for the awards itself, so we decided to go with this line. If there is a baarat, toh kiski nikal rahi hai, someone is getting married. We said talent and trophy are getting married because at the end, that is what it is. The whole look is very unlike what Goafest has been so far. We are going to turn Goa into North India – the culture of Punjabi weddings, the big Indian wedding.

(As told to Saloni Dutta)

The author is National Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom. 

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