Guest Column: 2016 Resolutions with a Twist: Joseph George

Guest Column: 2016 Resolutions with a Twist: Joseph George

Author | Joseph George | Thursday, Dec 17,2015 8:50 AM

Guest Column: 2016 Resolutions with a Twist: Joseph George

Joseph George Regional President, South & Southeast Asia, Group CEO India, Mullen Lowe Lintas gives us 18 resolutions for 2016 but with a twist. From ‘Getting in shape’ translating to cutting down on overstaffing at agencies to  Knowing your worth’ being getting over awkwardness and asking clients for money; unlike customary resolutions these unique 2-in-1 resolutions work for agency folks  as effectively ‘at home and at work’.

1. Get in shape: The tantalizing myth of “dad bods” aside, flab is not fab. Cut it. Every agency is 25% over staffed. At least.

2. Stop procrastinating: You snooze, you lose. “Speed kills”, is true only while driving.

3. Stop being your biggest fan: However much in love you are with your type, hire different, not your clone.

4. Know your worth: Get over your awkwardness to ask clients for more money. Even your clients are beginning to wonder by now.

5. Be more polite: It is easy, it is rewarding. Try it. It runs the risk however, of becoming a habit.

6. Do good: Working on your client’s CSR initiatives, nor making a moving 4 minute film on a brand you manage will absolve you and your agency from having to make your own contribution.

7. Sleep better: My undisputed No:1 indicator of success and happiness. Let go, be the bigger person, applaud colleagues and competition - they are all soothing and therapeutic.

8. Find yourself someone: More than one if need be. Collaborate. We are bang in the middle of a shared world economy.

9. Face your fears: With delusional egos in agencies, this can be tough. But if there was any time for agencies to be doing this, it is now.

10. Respect your wins: Give yourself credit - not all success is fluke! So, learn from successes as much as you learn from failures.

11. Style up: Agency folks have just let themselves go on this. And psssst…. style is not the enemy of casual. Not in any book.

12. Watch less TV: Your consumers have begun to. Yes, the nation wants to know, but they are today seeking it from everywhere!

13. Family first: Besides worrying about your client’s fame and his resume, care for your own colleagues’ too. C’mon you can do it.

14. Learn something new: Interesting people just make for better colleagues, supervisors, subordinates and client partners. Do them and yourself a favour.

15. Organize your life: Use your IT folks beyond requesting for devices and toners for your printers.

16. Travel more: The frogs in the well did not get any wiser nor got kissed.

17. Move on: Don’t stalk, envy or voodoo doll your ex agency or your ex client. They have moved on. May I suggest, you do too. Now.

18. Un-philistine: Being interested in, and knowing art, music and culture is an agency job requirement. Not an interesting quirk.

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