Guest Article: Why have media agencies become traders?

Guest Article: Why have media agencies become traders?

Author | Dhaval Mehta | Wednesday, Aug 03,2011 9:21 AM

Guest Article:  Why have media agencies become traders?

What is media?
In simple words, these are different channels and mediums of communicating a brand/ product/ service to its target audience.

Why media is important?
This is a source which gives information and entertainment. The advertising industry in India today has a good bunch of creative, PR, media and marketing professionals. When media buying came into existence around 10-12 years ago, it was taken very seriously. There was enormous opportunity to use intelligence and plan the media with analysis and statistics. Unfortunately, media professionals have become traders or bargainers today. They have been given the chair of a grocer who hoards his goods in bulk and then sells them as an individual packet/ position, for different prices.

If there is an MRP, and if we have the MRTP Act in advertising as well, these professionals would never have been traders. Why have they become traders? That is the question. Because, as they say, you can clap only with both hands.

Our clients have become smarter now and have access to the media directly. They also understand media and their target audience better and have also found newer means to connect with them directly through various BTL and direct marketing methods. Our planners now do not have any room to justify their status and their position in the marketplace. Can this change? A big question. And if so, how?

I think the only way this can change is if all media follows fair practice, along with media buying agencies, and evolve a common platform to benefit all the parties involved so that there is an ethical, honest and fruitful composition of the work undertaken.

(Dhaval Mehta is CMD, Kreate Advertising.)


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