Grey releases Asian consumer survey on brand communication parameters

Grey releases Asian consumer survey on brand communication parameters

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Feb 26,2007 8:29 AM

Grey releases Asian consumer survey on brand communication parameters

Exploring the depths of branding in the continent, Grey Worldwide has launched its consumer survey, ‘Eye on Asia 2007: Consumerism and Communications’. In a bid to know more on what Asians want from brands, marketing and marketers, the survey seeks to form an understanding of what kind of communication marketers need to provide to these consumers, and how these attitudes can be understood while a brand is being created.

Nirvik Singh, CEO, Grey, elaborated on the various facets of the study. He said, “The survey was carried across various groups – rural, urban, different ages and different sections of the society. It was more of an ethnological survey.”

The Grey research cell, which carried out the survey through 14 countries, illustrated various key points. It arrived at the conclusion that to grow brands in the new Asia, marketers need to be ‘consistently inconsistent’, and that branding is becoming a cultural discipline as well as a marketing science. Understanding people’s values further becomes important in predicting behaviour and establishing brand connections.

“We have tried to look at the desires and needs of the people across these countries through centres in various places,” Singh said. Some findings include facts about how Indians and Vietnamese showed a rather high satisfaction curve, whereas Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan showed problems with satisfaction levels.

“Just money isn’t enough for Indians anymore -- time for leisure is becoming important and the attitude is changing to work is not life and life is not work. Health is priority today,” observed Singh.

He also pointed out that the Internet is slowly becoming an important area for Asians. “Blogs are important in where we are going in the future, and people do tend to believe what is written in blogs,” he said.

The study stated that the brands that would do well are the ones that worked around local values, rather than international ones. “The advertising industry is doing really well in India, compared to China, where the quality of ads is not half as good. Trust, credibility, and an entertainment value is what people want in a brand eventually. They need something that is interesting above all,” concluded Singh.

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