Greenlam Laminates – a new take on irresistibility

Greenlam Laminates – a new take on irresistibility

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jul 15,2011 9:06 AM

Greenlam Laminates – a new take on irresistibility

Greenlam Laminates recently rolled out its new campaign with the theme ‘Dil to karega hi’. The ad has been conceptualised by noted ad man Prasoon Joshi, who has taken a completely different route to showcase how one feels on seeing Greenlam Laminates made products.

The creative challenge for the new communication was ‘how do you communicate that Greenlam Laminates make the interiors stunningly good looking. So good looking that anyone would be irresistibly drawn to it’.

Speaking on the idea behind the TVC, Alex Joseph, Vice-President, Branding and Communication, Greenply Industries, said, “We have kind of played with the concept of irresistibility. The idea behind the TVC is to show to what extent one can go to, in order to grab something. To dramatise this, the agency created a story that is like a fable, and is narrated like the ballad of an old man.”

Joseph further said, “The laminate category is mainly driven by design, shades and colours. The challenge was to communicate this in a striking manner. Another challenge was that the category still lacks consumer pull as it is a low involvement category.”

Commenting on the concept of the TVC, Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairperson, McCann Worldgroup India and Regional Creative Director, McCann Asia-Pacific, said, “Basically, the idea behind the TVC was to push the concept of somebody’s last desire during his/ her ultimate journey. Hence, we played around the whole concept using a tongue-in-cheek rendition. We wrote a story in which somebody actually gets baptised go to into a coffin made of Greenlam Laminates. The idea has kind of pushed the envelope to put a smile on the audience’s face.”

Greenlam Laminates, in the past, has created some landmark TVCs, which have set the benchmark in the category. Laminates is a low involvement category, with consumer letting the interior designer/architect decide which brand to buy. Hence, the need to create a communication that generates brand recall and sticks in the consumer mind.

Taking this as a starting point, the creative agency worked on the idea of ‘irresistibility’ of Greenlam Laminates. ‘Whatever you create is so beautiful, so irresistible, that you not only want to own it, but you can go to any extent to keep it’.

The new TVC narrates the story of a man who is so irresistibly drawn to Greenlam Laminates that he would go to any extent to stay with Greenlam, not just in this life, but after life too. Instead of a conventional TVC, hardselling a brand, the TVC narrates a story – a simple, interesting, and touching story that surprises the viewers with the twist in the end. The message of Greenlam Laminates being ‘so irresistible’ is communicated in a dramatic, yet engaging manner through this commercial.

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