Goldmine goes young; calls itself ‘People’s Company’

Goldmine goes young; calls itself ‘People’s Company’

Author | Suraj Ramnath | Monday, Oct 24,2011 8:50 AM

Goldmine goes young; calls itself ‘People’s Company’

Goldmine has undergone a complete makeover sensing the trends and the ever-changing spectrum of the advertising and media market. Goldmine has been around for the last 23 years, providing advertising and media solutions to a diverse range of clients that include public sector accounts ranging from telecommunications, travel & tourism, financial and infrastructure sectors.

“Old enough to be called an experienced contender, young enough to be called vibrant – that’s the essence of a renewed Goldmine,” informed Rahul Sarkar, COO, Goldmine.

The agency has strengthened the squad to face various challenges by engaging a team of young guns and implanting them in various silos is a step in the direction of change. The idea is to project Goldmine as a young and vibrant company, most importantly, a people’s company.

Goldmine’s media mix for successful campaigns includes radio, television, print and digital. According to Sarkar, radio was a very cheap and effective medium, although television was the prime media.

Goldmine has also added a new specialised creative wing, ‘Mine’. From being a specialised agency that handled public sector giants, getting towards the corporate world of brands was a paradigm shift. ‘Mine’ has already bagged a few private sector brands.

The structure of the new agency is based on management, creative, media and BTL, supported by digital services. Goldmine has reinforced all its departments – be it a strategic alliance with Quasar or opening a separate media division, Minesweeper. It has also strengthened its BTL team.

The launch of the new website will give a different dimension to the organisation. The rejuvenated website is expected to draw the attention of corporates and young entrepreneurs of the trade. It will also expand the business footprint and open new avenues for Goldmine. The agency has plans for expansion in other major cities as well.


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