Goafest 2015: Brands with brand purpose deliver the best ROI: Guy Abraham

Goafest 2015: Brands with brand purpose deliver the best ROI: Guy Abraham

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Apr 14,2015 8:37 AM

Goafest 2015: Brands with brand purpose deliver the best ROI: Guy Abraham

Guy Abraham, Global Strategic Planning – Director, ZenithOptimedia Worldwide in his session at Goafest 2015 spoke on why 365 thinking is better than 360 thinking in the media business. By this he meant that thinking around a brand should be about a 365 days approach than a conventional 360 degree approach to marketing. He said that this little difference in numbers can lead to better ROI for a brand.

He said that though people in India think that things are very different here than all over the world he said that they are mistaken. With the digital world growing India is not far being the world. He further said that communication around 360 degree marketing is not at all relevant in today’s world. There needs to be thinking for creating communication which will last 365 days of the year instead of campaigns which just last for a few months.

Abraham further said that the biggest change in today’s communication since the last two years is the consumer journey. The consumer journey has changed drastically from what it was mainly due to the digital platforms that have emerged. This he said has opened new doors to media agencies and brands alike in getting valuable consumer insights rather than on depending on conventional methods such as focus groups and consumer questionnaires.

“You can now find out who wants a tablet and what sort of a tablet he or she is looking for and you can then also serve them this information through advertising,” he said. He said there is more information that the consumer puts out on digital mediums than on conventional ones and it could not only be accessed instantly but also used to instantly to create communication that can target the right customer. He said it was up to brands and media agencies to now manage the consumer journey.

He says that brands need to create long term advertising as that is what consumers of today connect to. For this the idea is integral and is something that should be the brand’s purpose. Though there is paid, owned and earned media, earned media is only created when a brand has a defined purpose. “Brand purpose leads to better communication. We love to work with brands with a brand purpose. Brand purpose delivers ROI,” he said.

He further said that brands need to work on their earned media as it delivers more rewards. If your owned media is not optimized then you are wasting money. He said that in order to get the better of owned and paid media you need to get them to work harder.

There are six steps to get from 360 communication to 365 communication. They include mining insights from new sources, looking at reality mining, changing your audience perspective, embracing new kinds of creativity, using purpose to build longer ideas and moving to content based model. He gave various examples of how this has worked for brands around the world.

He concluded by saying that we have to learn not to work in silos in order to be successful in the communication we create.

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