GoaFest 2008: ‘Consistency is good, surprise is even better’

GoaFest 2008: ‘Consistency is good, surprise is even better’

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Apr 05,2008 8:46 AM

GoaFest 2008: ‘Consistency is good, surprise is even better’

Presentations by international speakers are a major attraction at GoaFest, and this year is no exception. Day one saw Scott Goodson, Founder & CEO, StrawberryFrog, speaking on how business had changed in advertising. According to Goodson, “First rule is anything is possible in the advertising world. StrawberryFrog started nine years ago as an independent idea led convergence agency. Value in ideas is important, but execution is even more important. Clients are going to pay more for innovative ideas, and they will pay for convergence.”

“The second rule is that innovation is the new creativity. There are new ways of a brand sustaining the product. Third rule is that consistency is good, surprise is even better. We all look for new innovations all the time as a client,” said Goodson.

He further said, “Cultural movement is our DNA. We develop strategy for our clients. We build communities around rising culture. Consumers are given choices regarding cultural movements. Our process is to create cultural movement. We align with a powerful idea to define a culture. We create actions, events, communities to draw people to this idea. We use mass media. We use the word-of-mouth to build a brand.”

Commenting on how a brand could create global culture, Goodson remarked, “The cellphone is going to become the new computer. We have Facebook on cellphones. Online campaigns are the most popular in the US. Forinstance, the campaign that we did for Microsoft was a huge hit and the results showed that these days teenagers used the mobile, G-Chat and the Internet, often simultaneously. StrawberryFrog does everything that huge clients need and want. We just do it differently than dinosaurs.”

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