GoaFest 2007: The spotlight is on Gen-X of media and advertising

GoaFest 2007: The spotlight is on Gen-X of media and advertising

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Mar 12,2007 9:49 AM

GoaFest 2007: The spotlight is on Gen-X of media and advertising

GoaFest, an advertising festival to be held on the beaches of Goa in April, is focussed on providing the young creative and media talent in the industry a good mix of fun and education. Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), organisers of this annual two-day event, has promised that GoaFest would be an advertising festival that would encourage and inspire the youth in the field, rather than being just an awards show.

Commenting on the ‘youth focus’, Jagdip Bakshi, Co-Chairman, GoaFest Committee, AAAI, said, “Our objective is to try and get the younger advertising people from across the country more involved in advertising. At this year’s fest they can watch not just the winning entries at the awards, but also most of the works done by the agencies over the year, interact with people whom they have read about and also get to hear from people who speak at international forums.”

As in the previous year, the GoaFest organising committee has decided to provide special subsidised packages for delegates under the age of 30 years. The margin of the under 30 package early registrants has increased from 500 last year to 800 this year.

Speaking about the specific plans undertaken by the organisers to make this event attractive for the youth, Bakshi remarked that the venue played a major role in the plans. Describing Goa as a dream vacation destination for any young advertising guy, he added, “Along with the fun and parties in the beaches, we have mixed it with seminars, exhibitions and awards shows that will encourage them to work harder and look up to something in life.”

“That’s what the industry is made of and that’s how you get ahead. So we are trying to encourage all of that and bring all of those aspects to life at work,” Bakshi pointed out.

“Moreover, an agency boss knows that when a guy goes for the awards show, that guy will learn something from that place,” he observed.

When asked whether there would be any award for the younger professionals only, Bakshi mentioned AAAI’s Lotus Awards initiative, which was meant for the younger talent of advertising agencies. “In any case, at the GoaFest, from the locale to the actual event to the food and beverages – everything is oriented to the youngsters.”

GoaFest reportedly had 132 agencies participating last year, with 85 agencies which were not affiliated to AAAI taking part, along with 40 affiliated agencies. This year, the delegate registrations are opening on March 15, 2007 through the GoaFest website. “This year, with the marketing efforts, we got producers from New York writing in saying that they want to be part of the event,” Bakshi informed.

Commenting on the participation from not-so-big cities at the event, Bakshi pointed out that even last year, some of the early registrations came from the smaller towns. Given the inclusion of the media domain, this year, he added, “We are hoping that at least 100, maybe even be 200, of the 800 from the media fraternity, would take part.”

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