GoaFest 2007: Josy Paul and Ravi Deshpande speak on judging process

GoaFest 2007: Josy Paul and Ravi Deshpande speak on judging process

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Tuesday, Apr 17,2007 9:10 AM

GoaFest 2007: Josy Paul and Ravi Deshpande speak on judging process

With the GoaFest 2007 just a few days away, many from the media and advertising fraternity will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the announcement of winners for the Creative and Media Awards. To ease a few nerves, exchange4media caught up with Josy Paul and Ravi Deshpande, two of the four Jury Chairmen for the festival, to know their thoughts on the selection process and what are the qualities they will be looking at for selecting a winner. There will be 10 jury members including the Jury Chairman for each category, and there are four such clusters.

Pointing out that being chosen by peers like Prasoon, Pops and Ravi was enough for accepting the Jury Chairmanship, Paul elaborated, “There cannot be a bigger high than having such senior and wonderful people selecting you as an equal partner.” On the other hand, Deshpande pointed out that the judging process and transparency were some of reasons why he chose to be a part of this event.

Talking about the judging process employed at GoaFest, Deshpande pointed out that the process adopted is akin to that of Cannes. “You begin the whole process of short-listing based on idea and execution. Having done that, you get more and more critical about it from all aspects, followed by further short-listing. From the next phase onwards, the gold, silver and bronze awards will be selected based on discussions. That is kind of a healthy format when you have an honest bunch of people in the room,” he elaborated.

Sharing his thoughts on the qualities sought for a winning entry, Deshpande remarked, “Fundamentally, across all categories, we will be looking for fresh ideas which are beautifully executed. So no matter whether it is films, print, outdoors or interactive, beautiful execution of wonderful ideas will be the basic filter. After that, we will get into the finer nuances of the medium, in terms of what more is supposed to be there. For example, in a website, we will look for good navigation, simplification, quick downloading and other such technical stuff which is inherent to the medium,” he explained.

When queried on some of the works that might stand a chance to win metals, Deshpande answered, “There have been some good pieces done in the recent times. During the judging process, some piece of work comes up which you haven’t seen before and that might attract you than any other piece/work you have seen over the year. Therefore, I am keeping an open mind and we are going to be very sure that there will be high quality judging and no hanky-panky there.”

However, when asked about the works in the radio category this year, Paul pointed out, “According to me, more than 90 per cent of radio spots that are currently playing are crap. The rest 10 per cent is getting better and better. Radio is not about only music or only language; it’s about sound. How people are using sound and soundscapes to create something that is fresh will stand a chance to win.”

Speaking about the responsibilities as a Jury Chairperson, Paul observed that his biggest responsibility would be to honour the job that they have given him with all the values that he holds very dear. “These are values of honesty, fair play and respect for the high standards that my other jury Chairmen and the creative body expects of me,” he concluded.

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