GoaFest 2007: India has great creatives, say Maureen and Thirasak

GoaFest 2007: India has great creatives, say Maureen and Thirasak

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Apr 23,2007 9:21 AM

GoaFest 2007: India has great creatives, say Maureen and Thirasak

The final day of GoaFest started with a session on in-store publicity by Maureen Johnson, CEO, The Store, WPP Retail Practice. Sharing international insights in the sector, Johnson explained the importance of engaging the consumer by including in-store publicity in a media plan. She cited examples of P&G and WalMart and spoke more about how these two players used the medium optimally.

Speaking on the Indian advertising industry, Johnson observed, “I understand that India has great creative and also have great technology, so a lot of leapfrogging can take place, in terms of content and technology.”

Talking about barriers facing the medium, she pointed out, “There is no tradable currency across the medium, and nobody is taking the efforts to develop the metrics either. The second most important issue is the content. Content needs to be tailored to the location of the screen and it needs to be tailored to the retailer.”

Johnson also elaborated on the various techniques to be employed for engaging the consumers. She quoted the ‘The Axe Effect’ example and some other brands, and went on to explain the importance of the in-store medium and how it is an integral part of the multimedia campaign.

Concluding the presentation, she made two major points. She said, “Provide right content to the shopper at the right place, and it will work. And, it’s not about clutter, but it is about breaking the clutter and engaging the consumer.”

Another speaker who spoke of engaging creatives during the day was Thiramak Tanapatanakul, ECD, Creative Juice/G1, who went on to showcase his short film ‘Being Brave in Thailand’.

His film depicted some of the award-winning creative works over the year. These included the Smooth E Baby face foam ‘Love Story’ campaign; Honda ‘Tough’ ad; Soken DVD Players ‘Play Smoothly’ campaign; and the social service campaign to save energy, among others. Tanapatanakul pointed out, “For us at Creative Juice, just like everywhere else, clients are very tough, projects are tough and research is dominant. We always look at the brighter side of life and do it our way to try to be among the top five of the world.”

In his presentation that was brimming with examples of award winning works, he showcased the works of Bangkok Insurance, Thailand Yellow Pages, and Bridgestone, along with many print campaigns.

Commenting on the Indian industry, he remarked, “I have been keeping my eyes on India and its wonderful creatives. They are seeped in the culture of the country, which is quite similar to us, with many interesting works emerging each year.”

With almost all international speakers at the event appreciating the quality of work from the Indian advertising fraternity over the recent years, we can be assured that the Indian works are being surely recognised the world over and are considerably at par with the others.

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