GoaFest 2007: Donald Gunn ready to launch online library, Indian ads feature in the compilation

GoaFest 2007: Donald Gunn ready to launch online library, Indian ads feature in the compilation

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 23,2007 9:20 AM

GoaFest 2007: Donald Gunn ready to launch online library, Indian ads feature in the compilation

Donald Gunn and the team that releases the annual Gunn Report and Show Reel are ready for their second offering — Gunn Report Library. As is known, the Gunn Report was launched in 1999. Now after three years of work and investment, the team is ready to launch the Gunn Report Library in less than a month.

Throwing more light on the Gunn Report Library, Donald Gunn said, “This is our second product and the Gunn Report Library is an online library of the world’s best ever TV commercials. We have commercials dating back to 1962 and the concept is that we are very selective in what ads we place here. We will not exceed 100 commercials in a year.”

He divulged that some clients have already signed on for this offering, which works only on a subscription basis. The property would be limited to the online domain as this allows people to choose the subject. Explaining this, Gunn said, “If you want to see ads about any topic, you can choose and take this forward — this works for journalists, speech makers, planners, and they can get to know about the ads, watch it, put it into order and make a reel.”

He also informed that in the last five years, Indian awards have been featuring in this compilation and some of the ads featured are for the Cancer Association, Fevicol and The Times of India. This year, the ad for Happy Dent has also been selected.

In his session at the GoaFest, Gunn shared statistics on some of the highest award-winning works from 2006 with respect to the native country, advertiser and agencies. In addition to these, he mentioned about the top production companies and directors from around the world.

While Great Britain took the leadership title among the countries with 248 points, USA came a distant second with 196 points. Among the advertisers, Volkswagen retained the top spot for the seventh consecutive year, with Sony and Nike following it. Meanwhile, MJZ (London, LA, NY) with 54 points was on the top position among the production companies, followed by Phenomenon from Bangkok with 44 points. Thailand’s Thanonchai Sornsrivichai received a mention in the report for his outstanding contribution of almost four multiple award-winning creatives.

Among the agencies, DDB, London took the top honours with 43 points, while TBWA, Paris followed with 37 points. Overall, the top worldwide agency network went to BBDO Worldwide, which bagged 141 points, which was followed by DDB Worldwide which received 132 points.

Talking about the top six commercials of 2006, which were selected on the basis of the number of awards they received, Gunn observed that in spite of these works creating winning creative awards, they have worked wonders for the clients. The topper in the list, Guiness ‘notulovE’, gave the brand its highest ever share and the sales in the last month are claimed to have reached £1 billion. Meanwhile, Sony Bravia, which came in second, was sold out in the UK and claims to have managed to bring back Sony to the No. 1 spot.

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