GoaFest 2007: Digital is the way to go

GoaFest 2007: Digital is the way to go

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Saturday, Apr 21,2007 9:31 AM

GoaFest 2007: Digital is the way to go

GoaFest 2007 had promised something for everyone, from the sessions, to the fun and frolic on the beaches of Goa. The inaugural day of the fest had ‘Digital’ as the buzzword with two back-to-back sessions on the subject.

First speaker of the evening, Frederic Joseph, Regional CEO, EMEA, ZED Digital, aired his pleasure about the growing popularity and utility of the medium. Presenting his views on the rising global ad spends on the Internet and mobile advertising, he said, “Digital technology is blurring the boundaries between media. Even the traditional media offerings are converting digital. The most important thing as media is becoming digital is that tracking is more efficient, just like the way we track on the Internet.”

“With the multiplication of touch points, we need to know when to put the right message across at the right time and most importantly, at the right place,” Joseph remarked. Expressing his satisfaction over the rise of Web 2.0 and the monetisation opportunities it has provided the industry, he went on to explain the possibilities citing some examples, which have become successful business.

Sharing some statistics, he observed that globally, the media consumption and ad spend of the Internet was at 21.9 per cent in 2005. Concluding his session, he observed, “We are just in the beginning of this digital cycle. It has got lot more potential which is still untapped.”

As Joseph spoke on digital media growing tremendously today, Greg Albright, Senior Director Sales, Microsoft, Creator Asia, presented his session more or less on the same grounds, but focussed more on the two main themes that have been working together for advertisement: technology and consumer behaviour changes.

Albright explained his views with four components — new era of technology, media owners’ response, planning and creativity in the new world, and Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. Albright observed, “The consumer behaviour change is gradually evolving due to the emerging technologies. Connectivity is becoming very strong in today’s times. Firstly, connectivity was introduced with the dial-up connection which then gradually converted to broadband, and now recently WiFi, and soon to be HSDPA.”

Speaking more on consumer behaviour and technology, Albright commented, “Audiences are getting more fragmented and the users are getting distracted. Because of this fragmentation, consumers are going away from the actual users.”

Albright spoke on the scene of digital media 10 years from now and predicted that digital media would grow tremendously, as it has already been seeing the phase of growth. Ten years ago, we only had television and print for advertisements. However, today we have television, print and other online media. But in the coming years, I see the digital world growing more which will change the look of online advertisement.”

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