Glucon D launches new campaign - 'Khel Se Pehle'

Glucon D launches new campaign - 'Khel Se Pehle'

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Apr 23,2016 8:12 AM

Glucon D launches new campaign - 'Khel Se Pehle'

Glucon D has launched a new campaign emphasising the importance of proactive consumption to keep up energy levels. This campaign emphasises that it is better to load up on body glucose by drinking Glucon D before stepping out in the sun.

Starting April 2016, the campaign will go live showing a child drinking Glucon-D, ‘Khel se pehle’ before going out to play in the scorching summer heat. The child is shown energetically dribbling a football, even when the sun is seen sapping energy out of other children on the playground. Prior consumption of Glucon D helps the child take on the harsh summer and thus emerge victorious, denying all attempts by the Sun to drain energy out of the child. The ads are synced to an energetic jingle which ends with the tagline, ‘Glucon-D Laga, Energy chadha’.

Detailing the new campaign, the company spokesperson said, “Glucon-D has always enjoyed top of mind recall across India.  Through this campaign, we aim to offer a fresher perspective of the brand narrative from rejuvenation to prevention. The aim is to communicate the importance of being well hydrated with body glucose for lasting energy levels before one ventures out in sun on a hot day.”

Glucon-D is available at all traditional and modern retail outlets in Regular, Orange, Aam Panna and Nimbu Pani flavour.

You can watch the ad campaign here:

Team Credits

The campaign has been created by the team at IPG Media Brands.

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