Global Ad Spend by top 100 marketers down by 2.6% - Advertising Age Survey

Global Ad Spend by top 100 marketers down by 2.6% - Advertising Age Survey

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Nov 13,2002 5:33 AM

Global Ad Spend by top 100 marketers down by 2.6% - Advertising Age Survey

Advertising Age's 16th top global marketer survey with rankings for the year 2001 is out. The survey, as is known, ranks the companies on the basis of their media/advertising expenditure. Proctor & Gamble with a worldwide media spend of $3,820.1 million, heads the list. At number two is General Motors corp. ($3.028.9 million), followed by Unilever ($3,005.5 million). These are the only marketers to spend more than $ 3 billion according to the survey. Others in the top ten include Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, AOL Time Warner, Phillips Morris Companies, DaimlerChrysler, Nestle and Volkswagen in the same order. Not surprisingly, these companies were the ones in top10 in the year 2000 also, though the ranks have shifted.

Worldwide media spend by the top 100 marketers for the year 2001, is pegged at $ 70, 950.8 million. Out of which US alone has a share of $ 34,167.8 million. Europe is at number 2 with $ 24.092.5 million and Asia Pacific is third with $ 9,189.5 million ad spend. Out of the three regions, only Europe showed a positive growth of 2% over the previous year.

Spending by the top 100 marketers fell by 6.1% in the US and grew by a negligible 0.9% in the rest of the world, which led to an overall fall of 2.6% globally.

However, bucking the trend, the top ten spenders in Indian market have increased their ad spend considerably. India is, perhaps, the only Asia Pacific country where both Unilever and Proctor & Gamble have increased their media spend. The top ten media spenders in the country comprise of both multinationals and big Indian companies. These include Unilever with ad spend of $ 372.88 million, which indicates a growth of 48.8% on the previous year, Proctor and gamble - $93.14 million (+19.5%), Coca Cola company - $92.08 million (+38%), Paras pharmaceuticals - $89.35 million (+48.9%), Godrej & Boyce - $89.14 million (+39.2%), Nestle - $54.47 (+33.2%), Pepsico - $53.44 million (+40.7%), Colgate Palmolive -$ 48.71 million (+43.3%), Dabur India - $ 47.85 million (+35.4%). And at number 10 is Marico Industries with a media spend of $37.27 million, which shows a whopping increase of 94.7% over the previous year.

This year for the first time, the survey ranked marketers by total worldwide media spending in 77 countries. Only a company, which advertised in at least three of the four regions, i.e. the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America qualified as a global marketer.

If we look at category wise spending worldwide, the top most category is automotive with a media spend of $ 19,334.4 million, at number 2 is food with ad send of $ 11,220.7 and Personal Care Product Products is at number 3 with an ad spend of $ 10,300.2. However, out of the three, only Personal Care showed a positive growth of 5.2%.

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