Getting a little naughty with Virgin Mobile

Getting a little naughty with Virgin Mobile

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, Sep 11,2008 8:52 AM

Getting a little naughty with Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile, which has been coming up with some humour-laced ad campaigns, has unveiled its latest multimedia campaign to promote its ‘YoYo’ plan. Conceptualised by Bates the multimedia campaign spans TV, radio, press, outdoors, BTL initiatives, Internet, ground activations and PR.

A TVC in eight languages has gone on air from September 8, and will continue till September 30. This TVC will see a heavy burst of about 800 GRPs across genres like GEC, regional, news, music and sports.

Prasad Narasimhan, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Mobile India, said, “The brief that we gave to Bates was to highlight the benefit of GPRC for our customers and that the new pack enabling conversations between Virgin Mobile to Virgin Mobile @10 paise for just Rs 28 per month gave us an added advantage of allowing our consumers to ‘talk free’. The key positioning is about ‘Inventing a smart way to keep calls between friends free’. This campaign revolves around the creative route of ‘Reciprocation or Dosti mein len den’ essentially; how friends by helping each other could keep their calls free.”

The TVC, which some might call somewhat sexist, shows a young guy in a hospital bed with his hand in a sling. A pretty nurse enters the room to take his blood pressure (wonder which hospital in India allows such short skirts for nurses). Even as she adjusts the BP measuring apparatus on his free arm, the guy’s phone starts to ring. So he requests the nurse to take the phone from his trouser pocket. Even as the nurse checks his trouser pockets, the guy has a naughty and blissful look on his face. Finally, the nurse on not finding the phone, collects the BP apparatus and walks out of the room. The guy then hastily removes the sling from his injured hand and takes out the ringing mobile.

He answers it and a split screen shows that the call has been made by his friend in the partition next to him. It is revealed that the two boys call each other so that they can ask the pretty nurse to touch them without her getting a whiff of their mischief. Now it is the turn of the other guy’s ‘tryst’ with the nurse, when in walks a ward boy with his medicine, who has a decidedly ‘feminine’ demeanour.

The TVC ends with a voiceover informing that Virgin Mobile’s vPower pack @ Rs 28 month allows friends to make calls for just 10 paise then earn 10 paise when they call back, effectively keeping calls between friends free.

Narasimhan explained, “The basic message that we have tried to convey through this TVC is that the calls between your friends are free and you can twist the tariff to your advantage. Keep it free among friends.”

Rajiv Raja, National Creative Director, Bates, said, “Since the brief was about give and talk, it captures the nature of youth of India, who can do things in a clever ‘hatke’ way. The challenge was to highlight the proposition of the YoYo plan and at the same time keeping in mind what youngsters could do.”

Narasimhan added, “Apart from TVC, Virgin Mobile will be sponsoring the screening of a movie festival across four channels – Star Gold, Bindaas, World Movies and Zee Studios. Besides the regular outdoors, we have some unique and never done innovations across markets. Three creatives (Sea Saw, Pendulum and Volleyball) have been used to depict the movement with ‘Give and Take - reciprocation’ highlighting the 10 paisa peg. On regular outdoors, we have used the same TV characters. A press campaign has been planned across market with leading publications and suitable adapted to local languages.”

A 30-second radio spot has been adapted in local languages and is being aired September 8-28. More than 10,000 spots across markets are being planned during the campaign period. A separate contest starting September 15 will be run across Fever 104 and Red FM to create hype and promote the YoYo plan.

The web innovation will run exclusively on the MSN India homepage to help drive traffic to a microsite developed exclusively for this campaign. This microsite features contests, prompts visitors to script their own ending of the TVC, generate funny, out-of-the-box, viral content, all of which will be posted on YouTube. The campaign is being supported on Facebook, Hi5, Indiatimes, Rediff Mail, Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Messenger, Entertainment and Gaming sites through Google, Tribalfusion and Tyroo Ad Networks.

The BTL posters have already been rolled out. Frisbees carrying the YoYo plan would be given away at kiosks and mall activations to create further hype around the YoYo plan. Around the second weekend of September, mall activities would be initiated across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata, aimed at engaging consumers and sustaining the buzz around the campaign. People will be encouraged to participate in this activation, again all of these stemming around the concept of ‘reciprocation’.

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