Generate content that’s shareable: Roger Mulchandani

Generate content that’s shareable: Roger Mulchandani

Author | Priyanka Nair | Saturday, Apr 06,2013 6:50 AM

Generate content that’s shareable: Roger Mulchandani


Social media has become the most talked about in the business of communication today. Everyone has an opinion on how this new media will shape up the brand image at various levels of a campaign. It has thus become necessary to understand the effectiveness that social media will bring along with it. That is the first step towards leveraging the essence of the emerging new media in a brand’s communication plan.

According to Roger Mulchandani, Director, Warc, Asia-Pacific, “Brands should experiment with content today. It is essential to generate content that is shareable.” Mulchandani believes that the foremost thing that brands should focus on is to break rules or taboos while designing content for social. It is essential that content on social has a humorous flavour and make use of quirky use of celebrity. Content on social has the power to advocate a cause that can be inspirational.

Consumers have greater control over social media. Considering this factor, brands should understand that in the new media world consumers are the real heroes. With changing consumption patterns it is essential that there is integration in communication plans today. According to various researches done by Warc, it can be observed that the integration of television and digital works the best.

Television has the power of signposting, which can act as a medium via which communication messages can be directed to social. Television provides the ignition and helps in being a medium that be explanatory in nature. On the other hand, digital helps brands in propagating idea that be shared, is involving in nature, is informative, generates in amplification and also leads to fulfilment of purchases.

Brands that understand the true power of social and its reach with integration will gain maximum consumer response. It will be interesting to see how brands will focus on social independently in their communication plans in the coming days and seek the attention of consumers.

Roger Mulchandani was a speaker at the GoaFest 2013

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