From transparent to dark – this ‘Transition’ is complete

From transparent to dark – this ‘Transition’ is complete

Author | Rosy Ngaihte | Tuesday, Dec 18,2007 6:23 AM

From transparent to dark – this ‘Transition’ is complete

For spectacle users, photochromic lens provide the two-in-one advantage of spectacle-cum-sunglass. The new TVC from Transitions Optical, a leading US-based photochromic lens maker, carries forward the 'Healthy sight in every light' international tagline of the company in India as well.

The TVC has been created by Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, New York, and first broke on US TV screens in late 2006. But it is only now, nearly a year later, that this global ad has broken on Indian TV channels.

The Indian market holds immense potential for eye care products, growing at the rate of 30-40 per cent annually. Through the TVC Transitions Optical is targetting exclusively the SEC ‘A’ spectacle wearing segment in metros and mini-metros.

The TVC showcases the benefits of wearing Transitions lenses, which offer visual comfort, convenience (negating the idea of alternating glasses between a clear glass and sun wear), and at the same time giving the best protection from UV rays.

The TVC shows different surroundings where people are exposed to changing light conditions. It shows three different settings – one where a young girl is jogging in the morning and coming out of a dark pathway, the second setting is an office where a man walks out in the open sun, and in the third setting, where a lady walks out of an underground metro station. In all the three settings they are shown wearing photochromic lenses, which comfortably adjust themselves when exposed to bright light.

Satyapal Unnikrishnan, Manager Marketing, Transitions Optical India Pvt Ltd, said, “The brief given to the agency was to highlight the need and importance to protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation. Based on our research, we found that most people are unaware of the dangers of UV radiation to eyesight, hence they do little or nothing to protect them from damage.”

He added, “The aim of the TVC is to convey the product benefits of Transitions lenses, which are plastic photochromic glasses and are as clear as normal lenses when indoors. They adapt quickly to changing light conditions, wherein the lenses comfortably turn dark when going outdoors. The challenge was to communicate the need to choose one’s lenses wisely. We found out that nearly 80 per cent of the time is spent on choosing the frame, which is just a medium to hold the lenses. Hence, we have set up a consumer outreach programme at various touch points like multiplexes, malls and office complexes to educate the need to wear the right lens.”

Unnikrishnan further said, “We have commissioned various media to target our consumers. Along with the TVC, we have also chosen malls, airports, cafés and movie halls to promote our product. We will also utilise the mobile medium to spread the message, along with bus panels and trade outlets to completely envelope the consumer with Transitions lenses messaging.”

Headquartered in Pinellas Park, Florida, Transitions Optical, Inc. is a joint venture formed in 1990 by PPG Industries (Pittsburgh, PA) and Essilor International (Paris, France). The company entered India in 1999 and has an office in Bangalore.

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