Frito-Lay’s Aliva goes mischievious in a 360-degree way

Frito-Lay’s Aliva goes mischievious in a 360-degree way

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Monday, Sep 07,2009 8:25 AM

Frito-Lay’s Aliva goes mischievious in a 360-degree way

Frito-Lay, which recently launched a TV campaign for its Aliva brand of baked crackers, is now taking the campaign to OOH and print media from September 8. The TVC’s mischievious element and tagline of ‘Thodi Sharafat Thodi Shararat’ will be carried forward in other media platforms as well. JWT is the agency behind the campaign. The print campaign breaks in all dailies and major magazines, while the OOH campaign breaks in all six metros.

Aliva, a baked cracker that combines ingredients like wheat, daal and Indian spices, was launched recently in the country. The TVC to support the launch is a fun commercial highlighting some sweet and some mischievious moments between a young couple, seamlessly linking it to the product, which has the ‘sharafat’ of wheat and daal, and the ‘shararat’ of spicy flavous.

The TVC opens in an office where a man is talking and laughing with his friends, when his wife calls him and asks him if he is coming home. He tells her that he has work to do, to which the wife replies in a teasing manner that it doesn’t matter as she has someone else with her for tea, who is more spicy and fit that him. Piqued and somewhat jealous, the husband immediately rushes home, only to find his wife enjoy her evening tea with a plateful of Aliva crackers. The VO explains: Naya Aliva crackers. Thodi Sharafat Thodi Shararat’.

Vidur Vyas, Executive Vice President - Marketing, Frito-Lay India, said, “The brief we gave to JWT was to get across the message that we are offering a marriage between the great Indian taste and a healthy snack. By ‘Thodi Sharafat Thodi Shararat’ we mean wheat and daal are sharafat, while the spicy flavours are shararat.”

Vyas further said, “We are targeting the young Indian woman, who has a mind of her own. The ad features actress Chitrangada Singh, who fits the brand’s image. The message behind the TVC is really product-centric – that the Aliva range has a great distinct taste.”

“The TVC broke on all entertainment and news channels two weeks’ back. The OOH hoardings are being put up in key metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. There will be key visibility at key outlets as well as a sampling of the product at malls,” he added.

Soumitra Karnik, Senior Creative Director, JWT, said, “The brief we got from Frito-Lay was that Aliva is a niche product, which is healthy and tasty and gives the feeling of eating ‘namkeen’. The aim is to position the product among young couples.”

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