Freelook plans a new ad campaign

Freelook plans a new ad campaign

Author | Ranjana Gupta | Saturday, Oct 02,2004 8:09 AM

Freelook plans a new ad campaign

Premium casual wear brand Freelook plans to launch a new ad campaign in first week of January 2005. Managing Director Avinash Goyal says the theme of the campaign will be ‘feel good, look good’. The objective will be to position the product as a premium lifestyle brand.

Elaborating further on the advertising plans of the firm, Goyal said print and below-the-line (BTL) activities would be the vehicles for brand positioning and promotion. An entirely new look has been brought to the brand. The main motive is to look at fashion beyond the basics, yet going by popular taste. The account is being handled by Delhi-based abn Communications.

The new vision has been adopted to give the brand a more international feel that can be seen in the changed logo, stationery, visual merchandising at stores, etc. In sync with the brand’s imagery, the campaign is very lifestyle oriented, bringing out the latest trends in a way that breaks the norms of common fashion advertising. “Everyone today wants to feel and look good. The approach is more universal and not individualistic. Keeping pace with this singular thought, the campaign thus articulates ‘feel good look good’. Thus creating an aspiration in the target customer’s mind to be a Freelook person”, Goyal said.

The campaign will be carried in print media and supported by radio and a lot of BTL activities, which will include retail branding, in-store advertising, etc. The essential objective will be to capture the mind space of the customers who seek freedom at the workplace through clothing. To popularise the brand amongst the target customers by focusing on premium positioning, Freelook has chosen the organised retailing route. The products are now available at the finest 150 multi-branded stores and exclusive outlets across the country, Goyal added.

Abhijit Basu, Managing Director, abn Communications, says the creatives of the new ad campaign will position the brand as a casual, classy product for urban premium, working professionals. The creatives will not have a celebrity endorsing the brand instead normal, working professionals will be shown in different lifestyle moods. For example, young man wearing Freelook clothes playing with child or sitting in a lounge or talking to a colleague in the office will be showcased in the ads. The campaign will hit print media in the coming three months, he said.

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