Franklin Templeton targets the cautious investor

Franklin Templeton targets the cautious investor

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Nov 09,2002 7:07 AM

Franklin Templeton targets the cautious investor

If you tend to be an overly cautious person whose investment strategy is likewise, then the Franklin India Bluechip Fund is for you. In a series of ads Franklin Templeton Investments', exhorts the overcautious investor to invest in the Bluechip Fund for its attractive growth potential and reduced risk.

The campaign, launched about two weeks ago, comprises four print ads in leading national dailies in 15 cities, outdoor, online ads, an e-mail campaign, radio spots and a microsite on the Franklin Templeton Web site. The communication is targeted at investors who have become cautious about investing in equities, but still desire its benefit of long-term growth potential.

According to company source, the focus of the campaign is to target set of investors who have burned their fingers, and have a portfolio, which is overtly skewed towards fixed income products. The Bluechip Fund manages assets of around Rs 333 crore and has a base of 76,000 investors. It claims to choose companies with consistent track records and attractive growth potential, and to invest across multiple sectors to reduce risk.

The campaign was created by Contract Advertising, which has handled the account for about two years. The print ads have large visuals: one of a man on a beach headed for a swim with several lifebelts, and another of a man sleeping alongside several alarm clocks. Yet another shows people venturing out with several umbrellas. The copy spells out the merits of the fund in simple language. The headline reads: "Overcautious? Invest in Franklin India Bluechip Fund."

The campaign is based on the penchant for playing it safe, which is now the general mindset of the retail investor. The agency sought to combine the sharpness of the proposition with a tone that is simple, relatable and friendly.

Since Franklin Templeton acquired the Pioneer ITI Mutual Fund earlier this year, its communication has changed significantly, said industry observers. While earlier advertising tended to be heavily "technical" and for the company itself, it is now more consumer-friendly and, fund-specific. Advertising for mutual funds, on the whole, has grown over the last few years as the number of products on offer has increased, as also awareness among consumers. With more products, there is a clear need for differentiation, which is being reflected in the advertising.

Franklin Templeton Investments India has 34 locations nationwide and manages over Rs 8,175 crore in assets. It offers 34 products and has an investor base of close to 9 lakh.

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