Fortune refined soyabean oil delivers the ‘Paanch’ punch again

Fortune refined soyabean oil delivers the ‘Paanch’ punch again

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Feb 25,2008 6:47 AM

Fortune refined soyabean oil delivers the ‘Paanch’ punch again

Fortune refined soyabean oil is back with its ‘Paanch Gunowala’ plank in a new TVC, already being aired on major channels. The TVC re-emphasises the five main benefits of Fortune with the lady of the house playing the fortune-maker of her family.

The TVC has been conceptualised by Renton D’Sousa, National Creative Director, Triton Communications, and produced by Film Farm, with Imtiaz Ali as the director.

Banking heavily on the natural goodness of Omega3 fatty acids present in the oil, the commercial talks about the oil’s healthy benefits for the eyes, heart, the growing foetus and in helping build the overall immunity and controlling diabetes.

The commercial targets women in the 25-35+ age group who is modern and contemporary, yet has her family values intact. She is careful about the ingredients she adds in her cooking and expects maximum nutrition from them, after all, the health and happiness of her family is in her hands.

Angshu Mallick, AVP-Sales & Marketing, Adani Wilmar Ltd, manufacturers of Fortune refined oil, said, “The new campaign seeks to induct a new freshness into the brand, and we now intend to take a step forward from the ‘Thoda aur chalega’ platform and instil in our consumers a new connect with the brand.”

Commenting on the thought process, Triton’s D’Sousa said that the communication had been created effectively to integrate consumer insight with the brand name and its promise.

He added, “The idea is aimed at inviting the lady of the house to become the fortune-maker of her family. The commercial builds on the inherent inquisitiveness of every Indian to know what their future/fortune holds for them. As the mother takes on the role of a Fortune-teller, you discover how she not only satiates her family’s appetite but also keeps each of them healthy, ensuring their good fortune.”

The TVC shows an expecting mother preparing a meal for her family, when her son approaches her and showing his palm to her and asks what fortune has in store for him. The mother smiles and sings that his fortune is to be tall and strong. Then approach her mother-in-law, father-in-law and husband, and for all of them she has some health-related fortune-speak – be it clear vision, control over diabetes or a healthy heart. And for the expecting mother Fortune brings the required nutrition. The TVC is a melodious rendition of the five health benefits of Fortune refined soyabean oil and the power every mother posses to create her family’s fortunes.

The commercial aims for a 360-degree connect and following the TVC, the communication continues in print, outdoor, and radio with Radio Mirchi communicating the idea, as also on-ground activities. The commercial will be on air till March-end.

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