For Wrangler, it comes ‘Naturally’

For Wrangler, it comes ‘Naturally’

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Apr 16,2008 8:36 AM

For Wrangler, it comes ‘Naturally’

There is enough talk on saving our environment, global warming or the greenhouse effect, but Wrangler has decided to walk the talk. The denim brand recently launched its latest collection, which is eco-friendly and aptly called ‘Naturally’. To promote this collection, Wrangler has come up with some innovative communication.

Apart from the traditional route of print and outdoor, Wrangler has also launched a website, www.wrangler.in, to interact with its customers. The communication would also use the mobile medium. The communication focuses on the product, which, too, has undergone a change to suit the ‘Naturally’ theme. Less chemicals have been used for the latest collection, which instead uses natural products such as like flax, linen and bamboo yarn.

Alok Nanda, the advertising agency handling the business, was given a clear brief of making people conscious of the issue and focus on ‘Save Nature, Save Electricity and Save Fuel’ messages. While using brand ambassadors John Abraham and Jiah Khan’s cool quotient, the agency was asked to retain the Wrangler attitude of ‘Do it your own way’.

The communication strategy also involves innovative BTL initiatives, print and in-store advertising. The store windows, a critical communication component, have been innovatively dressed up to meet the ‘Naturally’ theme. Also, the stores switch off the lights for a while in keeping with one of the concepts – Save Electricity. There are also collage contests and invitations for suggestions to conserve nature.

Anshul Chaturvedi, Marketing Manager, Wrangler, explained the reason behind this campaign and the latest collection. He said, “Wrangler is positioned as a trendsetter in denim fashion. We thought that in our own small way we should communicate to our target group about one of the grave issues facing mankind today, which is the alarming changes in the environment. We decided to communicate to our TG in a fashion that would appeal to them and we chose to communicate ‘The Wrangler way’.”

Chaturvedi further said that they would come up with a TVC for a brand campaign, which would feature sometime in August. He said, “We need to focus on print and BTL for our seasonal campaign as in every collection we have 76 per cent of fashion component and rest is the stable, hence a TVC doesn’t solve my purpose.”

Wrangler is aiming for a 25-30 per cent increase in footfalls on the basis of the latest collection and communication.

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