For Subhiksha Mobile, it’s all about a number honey

For Subhiksha Mobile, it’s all about a number honey

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Apr 12,2008 8:22 AM

For Subhiksha Mobile, it’s all about a number honey

Subhiksha Trading Services, which has been aggressively promoting its telecom retail chain, recently launched a TVC to promote its new customer service number where one can call up to enquire about the lowest price of a mobile phone. The TVC has been created by Orchard Advertising and shot by White Light Director Arjun Mukherjee, while Murlidharan is the Creative Director.

Subhiksha Mobile is a telecom retail player having nearly 700 stores across the country and also the largest in terms of handset sales.

Mohit Khattar, President, Marketing, Subhiksha Trading Services, said, “The idea of this campaign is to encourage customers to pay only the lowest prices for their new mobile phones, and what better way to find out where the lowest prices are available than just calling up a simple number.”

Murlidharan said, “The brief was to single-mindedly propagate the importance of the number. Whenever a customer thinks of buying a phone, they are aware that there’s a number they could call to find out the lowest price of a phone.”

Two TVCs have been created to promote the customer service number – 60607777. The first TVC shows a couple traveling on a bike. In order to remind her husband of the customer service number – 60607777, the wife sticks the reminder on his back, which is seen by several people on the way. So wherever he goes, people keep reminding him of the number.

The second TVC shows two colleagues in conversation in an office. The guy asks his female colleague, “Mona, sexy models ka kya number hain?” to which the girl replies, “60607777”. This conversation is overheard by a nerdy guy who gets up from his cubicle and asks for the ‘sexy model’s number’. The next day, the office guy happily flaunts his new mobile phone model that he got for a low price, but the nerdy guy is miffed as the number given to him was of Subhiksha Mobile’s and not some ‘sexy model’s’.

The two TVCs use subtle humour in daily life situations to drive the message effectively.

Murlidharan further said that the first TVC targeted young office goers in the 25-35 age group, while the second TVC targeted middle level executives.

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