FMCG ads witness 4% increase in Jan-Aug'16 YoY: TAM AdEx Report 2016

FMCG ads witness 4% increase in Jan-Aug'16 YoY: TAM AdEx Report 2016

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FMCG ads witness 4% increase in Jan-Aug'16 YoY: TAM AdEx Report 2016

TV with 92% of the total insertions was the most preferred medium for FMCG sector Advertisement. Radio & Print had similar advertising trends till Apr’16. According to data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, the number of ads for FMCG Sector increased by 4% in Jan-Aug’16 as compared to Jan-Aug’15 while 39% of total ads on all mediums were from FMCG categories. 59% of Ads played on TV were from FMCG categories.

FMCG advertising on TV, Radio and Print

FMCG sector covered 54% of ad duration on TVears.

FMCG products advertising on TV can be widely divided into 10 subcategories. Among these, ad duration was highest for Personal Care/Personal Hygiene followed by Food & Beverages Sector.


  • Top 5 categories under FMCG sector covered 92% of the total ad volume.
  • Hindustan Unilever was the top Advertiser for FMCG products on TV.
  • Patanjali Ayurved ranked 5th giving close competition to big players like Reckitt Benckiser, Cadburys & Colgate.
  • Lux Toilet Soap was the top brand on TV based on ad duration.
  • 7 out of Top 10 brands on TV are from Hindustan Unilever.
  • Hindi Movies & Hindi GEC were the most preferred channel genres while feature films with 25% Ad duration share was the most preferred program genre for advertising FMCG categories on TV.
  • The Hindi language was widely used in advertising FMCG categories. Among the regional languages, Tamil was used extensively to promote FMCG brands.

Trends of FMCG advertising on Television

Celebrity Endorsement in FMCG advertising

Kareena Kapoor was the top celebrity endorser for FMCG category with her brand Lux Toilet soap scoring high on Ad duration, while Anushka Sharma endorsed the highest number of brands of FMCG. Virat Kohli with 9 brands of FMCG stood 5th in terms of endorsing number of brands while M S Dhoni with maximum duration in this category stands on 11th position in terms of visibility (ad duration). Ajay Devgan was the top visible film actor endorsing FMCG category. His most advertised brand was Lifebuoy Toilet Soaps.

Advertising of FMCG Sector in Print

Newspapers were preferred over magazines for FMCG advertising. FMCG products’ advertising in print can be widely divided into 11 subcategories and all these subcategories have advertised in this period. Maximum ad space was occupied by the personal healthcare category.

  • Top 5 subcategories added up to 96% of the total Ad Volume of FMCG.
  • SBS Biotech was the Top Advertiser for FMCG products in Print Medium.
  • Dr. Juneja Acumass was the Top Brand in Print based on Ad space.
  • 3 out of top 10 brands namely Dr. Juneja Accumass, Roop Mantra Skin Care Products and Dr. Ortho Range Of Products belonged to SBS Biotech-the top Advertiser in Print
  • No brands of Hindustan Unilever Ltd were present among the Top 10 brands despite the fact that it was at the 2nd position among the advertisers.
  • Publications from Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra with 17% share of Ad volume each had high intensity of FMCG ads.
  • 31% of FMCG ads were placed on Island position by more than 300 advertisers. Among the Innovations used in Print, Figured Outline was the most popular among advertisers of FMCG categories. (Based on Insertions)
  • Hindi was the most preferred language for FMCG advertising in Print.

Trends of FMCG advertising in Print

Advertising of FMCG Sector on Radio

Ad duration of FMCG products on Radio has seen a fluctuating trend over the years. Advertising of FMCG products on Radio can be widely divided into 9 subcategories, out of these, Food & Beverages and Personal Care/Personal Hygiene topped on Radio.


  • Top 5 Sub Categories sum up to 93% of the total Ad Volume on Radio.
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd was the Top Advertiser for FMCG products on Radio.
  • Ghadi Detergent Cake/Powder was the Top Brand on Radio based on Ad duration.
  • 2 Dairies, Amul and Mother Dairy were among the Top 10 brands on Radio.
  • Maximum FMCG ads on Radio were played in Gujarat, Ahmedabad being on the 3rd position among the cities.
  • Kolkata was the city with maximum ad duration of FMCG category, whereas its state West Bengal stood 4th among the states. The city had maximum ads on this sector played on Big FM.

Trends of FMCG advertising on Radio

Source: AdEx India (A Division of TAM Media Research)

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