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Flipkart departs from its inimitable kids in women lifestyle category launch ad

Flipkart departs from its inimitable kids in women lifestyle category launch ad

Author | Twishy | Wednesday, Dec 11,2013 8:12 AM

Flipkart departs from its inimitable kids in women lifestyle category launch ad

Fashion always has a new address as Flipkart, the online megastore, has launched its women’s lifestyle category with a campaign titled ‘When you have everything and still nothing to wear’.

Targeted purely at women, the campaign idea stems from the simple insight that no matter how many clothes women have in their closet, they still end up feeling that they don't have enough. The women category launch campaign is a departure from Flipkart's inimitable kids, who have become its brand identity.

The ad opens with a girl standing in front of her closet. She tries various clothes from her wardrobe but is disappointed with not having enough dresses to wear.

Ravi Vora, Senior VP – Marketing, Flipkart said, “The fashion vertical is strategically very important to us. We started building it this year and are already close to a leadership position in the online space. There is still immense scope for us to get more women shoppers to the site. To this end, we have revamped the look and feel of this section on the site and also put together a large selection of relevant products and verticals. The campaign is a creative culmination of all these efforts and communicates our offering in a manner every woman can instantly identify with.”

The brand has created an original track for this campaign film. The number is sung by Mili Nair of Coke Studio fame and the music is composed by Kunal Kulkarni. It is directed by Kishore Aiyyar of Nirvana Films.

“Women are always an interesting audience. From a campaign perspective, we thought it was an interesting opportunity to do something charming and specific for women. The song was an opportunity to create original branded content,” said Kartik Iyer, CEO, Happy Creative Services.

The campaign will be led by a film across digital networks with print, OOH and cinema support.

Will the alienation from kids help?
Expert take

Bodhisatwa Dasgupta, Creative Director of Grey Worldwide said, “I kind of like it. It comes from a sweet little insight, which any woman (and men who have the misfortune of staying with women) can relate to. The closet is full of stuff, but you still have nothing to wear.”

“Not really sure why they chose to stay away from children in this commercial. I thought Flipkart had something incredibly special and cute going on with the whole children thing. Each ad was a delight to watch, and it cut across every possible target audience. Everyone loves children. And cats. Perhaps they wanted to get out of the comfort zone and venture into something else,” he added.

According to him, it will connect with the audience simply because the insight is a nice one, children or no children.

Our take
This is too loose; this makes me look fat; this doesn't match anything. One can only hear this from a girl because of her endless desires to be a part of the trend. She wears the best of beauty products, she dresses in all colours, she has the perfect match of slippers but still she is unsure of her outfit for the next outing. It is also a smart move from Flipkart by not highlighting the child-like adults for this campaign.

The ad very beautifully captures the insight that a girl can never be satisfied with the variety of clothes in her closet. It is very relatable not only for the girls but also for the boys who have experienced this. The jingle adds to the delight. It will connect with the audience very well like the Vodafone 'Made for you' ad that showcased women from different walks of life customising their clothes.

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