Female surfers have buying power: Study

Female surfers have buying power: Study

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Female surfers have buying power: Study

According to a research conducted by Brand Dotcom, promoters of the advertising and marketing consultancy portal, more than 60 per cent of women who use Net, are working. Nearly 42 per cent of these have the purchasing power or at least a say in the buying process.

The objective of the study was to understand the women Netizens: who are they, what they own, where and why do they surf etc. Besides this, the study also sheds light on their lifestyle such as vacationing patterns, eating out and reading habits as well. The findings of the study, conducted in October, busts several myths surrounding the profile of the female Netizen. In the process it provides valuable insights to marketers. Its verdict for them is clear: shift focus to the fairer sex surfing the Net to maximise sale.

The online research was conducted among 244 female surfers, three-fourth of whom were from Mumbai and Delhi and the rest from the mini metros. The sample size belonged to the socio-economic category (SEC) A, which is the target audience for most consumer durables companies.

The Myth busters Myth 1: The female Netizen is a student, a college-goer Reality: Sixty eight per cent of female surfers are working women. Myth 2: The female Netizen is not married, perhaps she is the younger working women Reality: Seventy five per cent are 25 years plus and 61 per cent have tied the knot Myth3: Since the female Netizen is a college-goer, she has no purchasing power Reality: Forty two per cent plus have buying power or at least decision making power.

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