FCB Ulka gears up to go the Draft FCB way

FCB Ulka gears up to go the Draft FCB way

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Saturday, Oct 28,2006 8:25 AM

FCB Ulka gears up to go the Draft FCB way

FCB Ulka will soon have a different pitch to make to clients. The global merger of FCB with Draft, a player in the marketing services domain, will soon see its effect on the Indian side of operations as well. Laurence Boschetto, COO and President, Draft FCB, is in India to unveil the new philosophy that would be implemented across various regions.

One of the first steps includes the identifying of four regions representing various markets, one of them being the South East Asian region, for which India is the hub. Correspondingly, FCB Ulka’s Anil Kapoor is the President of the region.

Boschetto explained that the role of the President and the hub market would be to guide the other markets of the region to adopt and execute the Draft FCB philosophy. “Our plan, still a lofty ambition, is to change the industry, because the marketplace has basically told us it needs a little bit of revolution and something different,” he added.

Giving the regional picture, he said, “We developed a corporate plan for the various regions and to make this plan a reality, we have taken this to an office-by-office perspective through the regional heads to understand their individual marketplace, and who will then develop their implementation programmes for the rollout.”

As to how the philosophy would roll out in India, Kapoor said, “It’s not just about new-medias, it’s about understanding the client’s requirements, knowledge base, database, accountability, and ‘Return on Ideas’, which is a term we have copyrighted.”

Kapoor also divulged that even though the discussion was a premature one at present, a change in the FCB Ulka brand name could also be expected, wherein the Draft name would be included. He said, “Draft brings immense amount of credibility and worldwide recognition in various solutions in addition to the tools and the database they bring to the table. We would want to leverage this to our benefit. We are still contemplating on how best to do this.”

Speaking on the non-traditional media offerings in the various regions, Boschetto talked about FCB Ulka’s offering being holistic, while that of China’s being incomplete and Europe’s, non-existent. He added that it was probably the closest aligned with the reason and essence of why Draft and FCB had come together.

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