Fastrack exhorts youth to ‘Shut up and Move On’

Fastrack exhorts youth to ‘Shut up and Move On’

Author | exchange4media Bangalore Bureau | Friday, Apr 25,2008 8:18 AM

Fastrack exhorts youth to ‘Shut up and Move On’

Shut up and Move On! In its inimitable irreverent style, Fastrack captures the nonchalant, on-the-move attitude that keeps today’s youth ticking in its new TVC.

Commenting on this new commercial, Ronnie Talati, Associate VP, Fastrack, said, “Fastrack as a brand has been built on the platform of multiplicity. The ‘How Many You Have’ campaigns captured the youth’s desire for constant change, wanting more, which is closely linked to the category truth of accessorisation.”

Talati added, “The current campaign takes the brand platform forward by appealing to the youth’s desire of not wanting to commit, and from there emerged the thought of ‘Move on’. The theme film captures the attitude of the Fastrack tribe, who take even break-ups with a smile. A snappy 10-second film builds on the aftermath.”

Santosh Desai, CEO, Future Group, who has been actively involved in crafting the way forward for the brand, said, “Fastrack is a brand that is more than a watch or a pair of sunglasses. It is an expressive accessory that plays a vital role in the youth’s quest for identity. Given its ability to playfully disrupt expectations through its playful design and advertising, it allows the young to experiment with many provocative identities without having to commit to any one. Fastrack is the brand that best exemplifies the desire of the young to play with the defined conventions of the world in a quest to figure out who they want to be.”

Desai further said, “The world of Fastrack is the world of the effortlessly cool, where the young try out new unconventional ideas in playful and ironical ways. The brand is rooted in something far deeper than a desire to follow trends or stand out in a crowd.”

The current campaign developed by Lowe reflects this essential truth of the brand by playing with notions of stability and permanence in a trademark Fastrack style. It celebrates the youth’s need to endlessly explore, always have plenty of options open without being tied down by any one. The brand gives voice to an emerging comfort with a state of transience and movement, a world where not every first move – be it a job, a house or a relationship – is the final one. Fastrack is talking to young single guys and girls who use accessories as a means of personal expression.

Team Lowe, which worked on the TVC, includes Rajesh Ramaswamy (Creative Director), Deepa Geetakrishnan, Sharon Nayak (Group Creative Director), Balki (Chairman & Chief Creative Officer), Vikram Satyanath, Rajiv Chatterjee, John Kohlhoff, Surabhi Talwar and Kishore. The TVC has been directed by Navdeep Singh and the production house is Film Farm.

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