Fanta delivers the ‘Orangy Blast’ with more punch

Fanta delivers the ‘Orangy Blast’ with more punch

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Feb 16,2008 6:40 AM

Fanta delivers the ‘Orangy Blast’ with more punch

The new television campaign for Fanta, which is slated to break in early March, conveys the new Orangy blast formulation. The campaign has been conceptualised by senior O&M honchos – Titus Upputuru, Senior Creative Director, and Preeti Kaul Choudhary, Associate Creative Director. The TVC has been produced by Soda Films and directed by Rajesh Krishnan.

Elaborating on the campaign, Venkatesh Kini, Vice-President, Marketing, Coca-Cola India, said, “Brand Fanta is known for providing a distinct ‘Orangy’ taste experience. We took up the challenge to further enhancing this experience by launching the new Orangy Blast formulation of Fanta. I am confident that the Fanta new Orangy Blast will find a special appeal amongst all Fanta drinkers as it packs in an extra punch, which is stronger, orangy and more refreshing.”

Titus Upputuru explained, “Today’s youth is never satisfied and is always looking for bigger, stronger and more adventurous experiences. The communication for the new Fanta taste formulation attempts to capture this insight and indulges the youth to surrender to the ultimate – Fanta’s new orangy blast.”

He continued, “The brief given to us by the client was to convey the reformulation of the taste of Fanta, making it stronger and more enjoyable and the ultimate adventure in taste. We had to make the drink more exciting and appealing for the youth.”

The TVC shows a young boy trying various creative and imaginative actions like trying to balance on skateboards, lying down on a golf field, riding atop a demolition ball, to experience the real blast. But nothing satisfies him till he drinks a bottle of Fanta. A gush of Fanta’s new Orangy Blast and he is thrown off his feet. The TVC ends with the tagline: ‘Fanta ka new Orangy Blast – Laga Kya’.

Upputuru further said, “As part of the new 360-degree communication effort, a range of initiatives, including mass media advertising, leveraging outdoor media, consumer road shows, are set to be rolled out across all key markets. The Fanta campaign involves multiple messaging formats, but one communication theme conveyed through multiple and different length TVCs in varied formats, that is, using both real and animated characters.”

“We have used this communication format to ensure that the core brand message is delivered to the consumers in a refreshing manner. The short animated films deliver the same idea, but with a twist. In these entertaining spots, a Fanta Ball helps a ‘victim’ out of a particular situation. Very relatable analogs have been used to create spots like a Fanta Ball helping the police nab a thief, or a Fanta Ball helping an ant get rid of an elephant. In addition, many more other interesting situations, too, have been depicted,” Upputuru added.

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