Exponential ad network Tribal Fusion introduces Dynamic Ads

Exponential ad network Tribal Fusion introduces Dynamic Ads

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Tuesday, Sep 25,2007 9:07 AM

Exponential ad network Tribal Fusion introduces Dynamic Ads

In a continuing commitment to online marketing excellence and industry innovation, technology-enabled media services company Exponential is launching Dynamic Ads, an advanced targeting service, through its Tribal Fusion ad network. Exponential is a technology-driven media services company that delivers innovative products and services offering various types of digital marketing to meet the demands of advertisers and publishers.

Tribal Fusion’s Dynamic Ads gives marketers what they covet from online advertising – the ability to deliver customised, one-to-one marketing messages to consumers on a large scale and in a safe environment. With Dynamic Ads, advertisers can instantly change the messaging based on the attributes of the user. Through a single creative unit, advertisements can be customised for different types of users based on their location, the type of content they have consumed, their demographic profile, or behaviours they have exhibited online.

Dilip DaSilva, CEO, Exponential, explained, “We built a proprietary technology that targets consumers based on a broad range of variables, from behaviours and demographics to geography and content. By creating a customised marketing experience for the user, we help advertisers build an immediate connection with a consumer, resulting in a stronger ROI. We’ve been able to lift conversion rates by more than 80 per cent for campaigns that have added Dynamic Ads – that’s impressive.”

Using a simple template, Dynamic Ads enables any advertiser to generate thousands of different customised ads and instantly distribute them to millions of users across the Web. When a user clicks on an ad, they are taken directly to the specific landing page for that product, boosting conversions. Dynamic Ads deliver on the promise of one-to-one marketing while eliminating the labour involved in designing lots of custom creative.

“Once again Tribal Fusion has given us technology that helps differentiate them as the leader in the network advertising space. We are always looking for ways to leverage technology to improve the efficacy of our advertising, and Dynamic Ads delivers that. When combined with behavioural targeting, it allows us to zero in the right message to the right consumer while keeping our production costs in line,” said Allen Stern, Media Director at Agency.com.

Dynamic Ads leverages Tribal Fusion’s market targeting technology and broad network to connect users with what they are looking for based on their specific interests. For example, a real estate company using Dynamic Ads can show different houses for sale to users in each zip code. When a user clicks on a listing, they are taken to a dedicated page for that specific house. This provides a highly relevant experience to the user and allows the advertiser to make full use of their database in their marketing efforts.

Tribal Fusion’s transparent advertising network delivers custom placements for premium brand advertisers across 1,200 high quality sites that reach 129 million unique users every month. More than 70 per cent of campaigns are targeted or customised to advertiser needs. Tribal Fusion offers site-specific and special placements, behavioural targeting, profile targeting, and geo targeting, content targeting and tandem ads.

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