Explosion of programmatic will be key trend for media in 2015: Mainardo de Nardis

Explosion of programmatic will be key trend for media in 2015: Mainardo de Nardis

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Wednesday, Dec 03,2014 9:10 AM

Explosion of programmatic will be key trend for media in 2015: Mainardo de Nardis

With the fast approaching culmination of 2014, CEO of OMD Worldwide, Mainardo de Nardis talks about the five key trends for the media industry in 2015 as well as the key targets for OMD in 2015.

Need for agencies to equip themselves for sophisticated data management, rising importance of engaging content, optimisation of services provided to the client via integration under the core umbrella agency brand are some of the trends shared by Mainardo de Nardis, CEO of OMD Worldwide  with extreme precision . 

An enhanced adoption of ‘Vision’ and staying on the path of winning awards, are some of the key targets Nardis benchmarks for OMD in 2015. 

Nardis points out the continuing of explosion of data and the need for agencies to structure themselves for sophisticated data management as the first trend. The second is the explosion of programmatic and trading desks, both as an aid to trading and generating further data insights into the target groups and audiences. The third is content, with so many opportunities of generating engagement, we will need more content emphasised Nardis. The fourth trend is real-time, in terms of continuing social listening and understanding what consumers are saying about the brand where, when and how and being ready with the right information and content at precisely the right time. Nardis said the fifth trend is the continuation of the integration of all marketing services agencies, getting together and working as one for the benefit of brands.

On the key targets benchmarked for OMD in 2015, Nardis said the first priority was meeting financial targets in terms of billing growth, revenue growth and especially profit growth. The second target he highlighted was talent, in terms of retaining the best talent and attracting more talent. The third target which has always been a key target to OMD is winning awards. Nardis said they have been an agency that has been winning more awards than anybody else in the last ten years. “The fourth target is adoption of Vision, their new operating system now used by 10,000 people across the world. We need everybody to learn how to use it better. It is helping us generate better conversations with our clients, to elevate the level of our contribution and to connect marketing with business KPIs,” said Nardis. Better integration of the wealth of specialised services which are part of Omnicom Media Group is also a target, said Nardis.

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