Expectations, rather unexpectations galore: Goafest 2013

Expectations, rather unexpectations galore: Goafest 2013

Author | Amit Akali | Saturday, Apr 06,2013 4:36 AM

Expectations, rather unexpectations galore: Goafest 2013

I expect to bump into the whole industry at Martin’s Corner. I severely hope and unexpect that I bump into an equal amount of people in the seminar halls.
I expect a crowd at the bar. I unexpect a larger crowd at the hall where the winning entries are displayed. And I unexpect and pray for the hall to be air conditioned this time around!

I expect the cynics to crib about scams. I unexpect and wish that everybody has the grace to appreciate the positives; the good work that’s won and the talent that’s showcased. I judged outdoor this year and I can vouch for the fact that there’s some great work being done by the industry, especially in Ambient, where we’ve awarded work that could NOT have been done only for awards; work that’s done for big clients and work that indicates that the industry is thinking beyond traditional media.

I expect the beer to run out. I unexpect that the bitching and gossiping runs out too.

I expect everybody to discuss Ford Figo and JWT. I wish and unexpect that as an industry, at Goafest or otherwise, we discuss why this really happened and more importantly, find a solution to it.

What I truly expect is too catch up with old friends, hear what’s new in their lives and generally have a nice time. And I know Goafest won’t ‘un’ me on this expectation.

Amit Akali is National Creative Director at Grey India. 

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