Ex HTA Sunil Gupta is No 2 at RK Swamy/ BBDO

Ex HTA Sunil Gupta is No 2 at RK Swamy/ BBDO

Author | Neha Pant | Tuesday, Dec 03,2002 6:57 AM

Ex HTA Sunil Gupta is No 2 at RK Swamy/ BBDO

After a year of oblivion, Sunil Gupta is back in news. Gupta has joined RK Swamy/ BBDO as COO, yesterday. He would be based in Delhi and would directly drive the North and East operations. For RK Swamy/ BBDO, this marks an end to a long search after earlier Delhi Head Avijit Dutta had quit the agency.

Thrilled with the new assignment, Gupta says, "It is a great opportunity and a terrific challenge to help the agency to kick in an even rate of growth and professional development". He further adds, "I believe that great work will automatically attract clients and good people and that is going to be our focus".

With an objective to help grow the company further, Gupta will focus in the north and the east markets and will also be responsible for building new business all over the country.

Says he, "The agency (RK Swamy/BBDO) is doing well. It is growing at an impressive rate of 15-25%. And now I will focus on how, I, with this great team can contribute in its further expansion."

Gupta left JWT (earlier HTA) last year in the month of December and this joining comes after a break of one year. And all this while, industry was curious to know about his whereabouts- where is he and what is going to be his next move? Well, we have already answered the first question by breaking the news of Gupta's joining RK Swamy/BBDO yesterday. And answering the first question Gupta says, "Well, I was holidaying! It was a good break and all this while I was enjoying myself with my two children- driving out, visiting places, catching up with my hobbies, games…completely chilling!! " But didn't he at all thought about what he has to do next? "I was evaluating what I have to do also. And to keep myself updated, I was doing some consulting projects".

As a team Sangeeta Shetty at Mumbai and Vijay Gopal at Chennai will work alongside Gupta. "Both of them are doing a good job. And there is still a lot of scope and I have to see where all can I plug myself. We all will work together as a team and hope to give our 'the best' to the agency", says Gupta. RK Swamy BBDO, Delhi handles ICI paints, India Gypsm, Black Berry, Sony Electronics and Social Marketing Group to name a few. Surely, with Gupta joining RK Swamy/BBDO, the agency looks poised for interesting times.

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