Everest Integrated relaunches as Everest Brand Solutions

Everest Integrated relaunches as Everest Brand Solutions

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Apr 28,2005 7:43 AM

Everest Integrated relaunches as Everest Brand Solutions

Everest Integrated Communications has made enough noise around its ‘demise’. Right from issuing telegrams of ill-health to a death certificate, the agency has done it all to take rebirth again and it has, as Everest Brand Solutions. Philosophy behind the act “Always be the mavericks,” Arun Nanda, Chairman, Everest Brand Solutions said.

And the stance that the agency has taken keeps in with this advice. On industry occasions, such as the Abby’s, the agency has shown the ‘Pirate’ attitude, which it accentuates further with this re-launch or evolution. The new structure would see a combination of ‘Problem Orientation’ and ‘Media Solutions’ in essence allowing a complete brand solution to the clients. Blurring the demarcations that divisions have, the agency has a new structure where ‘Idea Initiaters’, ‘Idea Leaders and ‘Idea Managers’ will replace the conventional ‘client servicing’, ‘planning’ and ‘creative teams’.

The new corporate identity encapsulates the change; the 3e’s in the logo signify these three pillars of Everest. The objective of the logo is simple – to have a signature, which is new even five and six years down the line but what the agency has done with this is allowed every employee to state what his perception of the new logo is and carry that on his visiting card. The motivational value that this brings to the employees cannot be ignored here.

The agency’s President Mahesh Chauhan explains that the new structure makes official the approach that the agency was taking in context to its operations. “It is like going to the general practitioner or going to the specialist. The Specialist diagnoses the problem first and the solution is evident. However, today the moment the client speaks of a problem, agencies are looking for solutions. We have consciously moved away from that mindset and the new structure symbolises that.”

What is also interesting about the ‘new’ Everest is that the agency professes the need for all marketing and advertising actions of the brand to be spearheaded by the advertising agency. Says Aniruddha Banerjee, COO, Everest Brand Solutions says, “This is the way it should be. It has always been like this and this ensures that the communication around the brand has some meaning.”

He explains that the agency is training officials to comprehend the sensitivities that are involved in various mediums so that practical plans can be made for the brand. For the agency, the advertising industry is facing problems due to challenges that booming segments like Brand Consultancy are posing. The need for a change and a change of this nature, as per the agency officials, is primarily due to the need to solve the problems that industry on the whole is facing.

As Chauhan puts it, the agency is looking at moving from ‘Man with the hammer’ who always gives the 30 sec TVC solutions to the ‘Man with the Swiss Knife’, who has a customised solution for each problem. It isn’t necessary that Everest has hit it right with all the changes that it has induced but what is important is that the ‘mavericks’ have challenged convention again and taken off ‘straight jacketing’ or ‘divisions’ – where it takes them from here would definitely be an interesting watch.

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