Everest Industries’ ‘strength’ proposition for its fibre cement sheets

Everest Industries’ ‘strength’ proposition for its fibre cement sheets

Author | Qashish Chopra | Tuesday, Jun 02,2009 8:36 AM

Everest Industries’ ‘strength’ proposition for its fibre cement sheets

After eight years, Everest Industries Ltd has embarked on an ad campaign for its fibre cement sheets. PerceptH is the agency behind the TV campaign, which has initially been launched in the South and would be aired in other regions soon. The ad seeks to take the generic property of ‘strength’ of Everest Fibre Cement Sheets to a more evolved level and sports the tagline: “Everest ke niche jo aaya, usko koi nahi hila paya”.

On the brief given to the agency, S Suresh, AVP, PerceptH, said, “The brief from the client was to make a TVC that captures the core proposition of ‘strength’ of Everest Fibre Cement Sheets, and also to make it relevant to all regions of India in a rural and semi-urban TG.”

The TVC tells the story of ‘Yamaraj’, the God of Death in Hindu mythology, and a simple villager. Yamaraj has been unsuccessful in taking away the villager, who is secure under his Everest Fibre Cement Sheet. The contrast between an almighty God and a humble villager is shown in an interesting and humourous manner and brings out the core message of Everest Fibre Cement Sheets withstanding all the forces of nature. Thus it addresses the prime concerns of the TG that is driven home strongly, underlying the core promise of ‘strength’ of the brand.

S Suresh added, “It is meant primarily for a rural and semi-urban audience and the challenge was to make it relevant for all regions of India, because the usage of asbestos fibre cement sheets varies from region to region. Therefore, based on the insights, we decided to engage the TG’s interest in a way that is humorous and brings out the usage and strength of the Everest Fibre Cement sheet. For creating an immediate connect with the TG, we have showed a simple villager who can be challenged by the forces of the nature (a standard happening in the life of a villager). To give it an interesting twist, we show that these forces of nature are unleashed on him by Yamaraj, and how Everest Fibre Cement sheet protects him.”

The TVC, which was shot in an actual village location, shows the various usages of the product (primary and secondary). In the end, the technology involved in making Everest Fibre Cement sheets is also added to prove the unique strength of the sheets.

PerceptH is in the process of designing in-shop merchandising material, as well as devising various rural activation activities.

The main people behind the TVC are Amitava Mitra, Director; S Suresh, AVP; Kausar Anjum, Account Director; and Manabendu Rath, Creative Director, PerceptH. The ad has been produced by Vinay Jaiswal Creates.

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