Everest employees get new identity with self-designed logos

Everest employees get new identity with self-designed logos

Author | Malini Menon | Monday, May 02,2005 7:43 AM

Everest employees get new identity with self-designed logos

They have a story to tell. Mahesh Chauhan, President, Everest Brand Solutions (the rechristened company), calls himself a 'keeda' (worm) -- the nematode that keeps moving -- is fidgety until it finds its prey. He needs an anchor and who better than General Manager Rajeev Rakshit to support and stabilise. And when the movement is steady, the support is just fine, there arises the 'spark' (Milind Dhaimade, NCD) and of course the 'champagne' (Aniruddha Banerjee, COO) follows. If you are clueless of what we are talking about, you just need to look at their new visiting cards!

The success formula is right and the mood is upbeat. At the Everest rechristening party in New Delhi, everybody got a new identity with the company's new identity and the excitement is understandable. The company, as part of its unique strategy to flatten the structure, gave all the employees a unique chance-to define their personality using the company's new logo, which looks like 'eee'. The 'eee' logo is typically the spirit of the agency-elastic, continuous and unconventional.

For Chauhan, this is a paradigm shift from normalcy and convention. "Everest is an agency which thinks and executes out of box ideas. We can't think conventional," he reasoned. "We want our employees to have a sort of belonging and take pride in the advertising they do. What could be a better connect with the company than define your own identity using the logo?" he questioned.

Dhaimade, meanwhile, talks about the bulb and 'spark' depicted on his logo. "It defines me totally. The spark symbolises the creative spark and at the same time it could mean a fuse when the creative idea does not click or the way I lose my cool," he said. Interestingly, for Rakshit, the identity is typical of his image, the supporting 'anchor'. On his new identity, he said, "Despite my work experience in several agencies, I never had this connect as it is here. To bond it even further I have this identity embedded on my card."

Even the middle level managers are happy sporting the new logo on their visiting cards. Gargi Ray, a member in the servicing team, said, "My logo symbolises victory and I feel great designing it myself." Some of the interesting logos were Ravinder Siwach, who put the eee within quotes, Saurabh Mishra's, who designed it as pulse, Rajul Dhaimade, who designed the logo as wire with a plug and Anuja Kimatrai, who defines her personality as somebody who smells the coffee beans and certainly decides everything over a cup of coffee!

But will this be taken well by the clients? Aniruddha Banerjee said that it really won't matter. "Advertising is about defying conventions and we are doing that. How can clients expect conventional ways when they themselves look for out of box ideas?" he questioned. Rightfully so, and moreover what really matters is that every employee at Everest is upbeat about their new identity.

As one of them disclosed, "I have my own story to tell on my visiting card."

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