Everest completes first campaign for Parle Wafers

Everest completes first campaign for Parle Wafers

Author | Shachi Tapiawala | Thursday, Jul 26,2012 8:54 PM

Everest completes first campaign for Parle Wafers

Parle Wafers has rolled out two TVCs – FB funda and Jhappi funda. The campaign aimed to capture the imagination and connect more with younger audiences. Everest Brand Solutions is the creative agency on board. The agency won the Parle Wafers business, post a multi-agency pitch, early this month.

Keeping in mind the target audience of the product, Parle came up the FB funda for their new TVC with the belief that it leads to a favorable outcome each time you bite into Parle Wafers. The TVC showcases a nerd surfing the net in the middle of the night. He picks up a Classic Salted Parle Wafer from the pack and a pretty girl’s friend request pops up on his Facebook screen. Excitedly, he picks up another wafer and receives another girl’s friend request. The boy realises there is a connection and goes on picking up wafers and the happiness continues. The TVC ends with a tagline saying, ‘This is the FB funda, Parle’s wafers khaneka, What’s your funda?’

Krishna Rao, Group Product Manager, Parle Products said, “The major challenge was to create clutter-breaking communication for the consumers and reinforce the ‘Parle’s Wafers khaane kaa funda’ concept in the consumer’s minds based on the superstition that when they consume Parle’s wafers something good happens to them and hence it becomes their ‘funda’ for consuming Parle’s Wafers.”

The second TVC is the Jhappi funda which portrays a young couple ‘hanging out’ on their first date on a park bench and are shy to sit close to each other. Just then, the boy eats a Parle’s Wafer and out of nowhere lightening strikes. The girl gets very scared and hugs the boy. The couple is surprised and wonders what happened. He has another wafer and the same thing happens all over again. Realising that lightening strikes every time he eats the wafers, he keeps on eating. The TVC ends with the tagline, ‘Jhappi funda, Parle’s wafers khaneka, What’s your funda?’

Rahul Jauhari, National Creative Director, Everest Brand Solutions said, “The task was to extend beyond cricket (Parle Wafer’s earlier TVC) and give the younger audience more reasons to consume Parle Wafers. Youngsters spend half their lives surfing through Facebook and hence we felt it was a good idea. Using the concept of girlfriends was a sweet spot where we could plug in the product.”

Both the TVCs target the younger set of audience and convey the message that ‘if you want to be lucky, keep munching the product’.

Speaking about the brief given, Pramod Sharma, Creative Director, Everest Brand Solutions said, “The brief given to us was to carry forward the Parle Wafers message to occasions beyond cricket. These days we see a lot of brands marketing their product by involving celebrities. The challenge faced here was to market the product without involving any celebrity participation.”

The TVC will be promoted across television, digital platforms and print tapping leading national and regional dailies in selected cities. There would be an online contest held on Facebook, where audiences would be invited to share their views on ‘Parle’s Wafer khane ka Funda’. Additionally, there would be a microsite developed to promote the same.


Client: Parle Products
Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, Mumbai
Creative Team: Pramod Sharma, Samir Chonkar and Rahul Jauhari
Account Servicing: Siddhi Shah and Ravi Walia
Film Director: Ram
Production House: Nirvana Films

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