Everest Brand Solutions seeks to put the ‘fight’ back in Parle Hide & Seek

Everest Brand Solutions seeks to put the ‘fight’ back in Parle Hide & Seek

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Jul 23,2008 8:39 AM

Everest Brand Solutions seeks to put the ‘fight’ back in Parle Hide & Seek

In a bid to infuse some more life into Parle Hide & Seek biscuits, Everest Brand Solutions has come up with a multimedia campaign based on the platform of temptation with the tagline ‘Tasty Itna Ki Dil Aa Jaye’. A TVC featuring Hrithik Roshan recently broke on major channels. Vipin Dhyani is the creative director of the film. Chrome Pictures is the production house, while Amit Sharma has directed the TVC.

The film is based on the idea that a pack of biscuits can be a good icebreaker. The other person’s inhibitions are suppressed by the sheer tempt value that brand Hide & Seek offers.

On the strategy of the brand positioning, an official communiqué stated: “The route of temptation has worked very well for the brand and, therefore, needs to be retained. However, the consumer would like to see a different execution/ story of Hide & Seek being used as a tool for temptation.”

The objective and the challenge of the brand has been to carry forward the existing campaign with the same proposition and present a different rendition of the earlier Parle Hide & seek commercial (wherein Hrithik uses the biscuit to lure the girl in a discotheque).

The communiqué added, “The format used in the dance commercial had worked very well and so it was decided to retain it. This made the task even more challenging as it reduced the creative options drastically.”

The film with a girl on her way home from work late night. She unsuccessfully tries to flag down a taxi, before reaching a lonely bus stop. There she spies a guy (Hrithik), who is standing at the other end of the bus stop munching Parle Hide & Seek biscuits, which seem tempting to the girl too.

Soon a bunch of rowdies turn up in a car who start teasing the girl. As she looks to Hrithik for help, he tells her to fight. The girl is flabbergasted at the thought of taking on a whole bunch of goons. She is then swirled around by Hrithik in a manner that she ends up hitting all the goons. The film ends with the two sharing the pack of biscuits.

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