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Eveready PowerCell seeks to light the way

Eveready PowerCell seeks to light the way

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Aug 08,2009 8:15 AM

Eveready PowerCell seeks to light the way

From the high energy ‘Give Me Red’ campaign, Eveready Industries Ltd has come up with a campaign that talks about the light in the human heart that can help erase darkness from this world for its all new Eveready PowerCell range of batteries based on Alkaline technology.

Conceptualised by Rediffusion Y&R, the ad seeks to position Eveready PowerCell as the ultimate battery in terms of power. The film also aims to revive the iconic ‘Give Me Red’ imagery in today’s context and is targeted primarily at males in the age group of 15-24 in urban India.

For Rediffusion Y&R, the challenge was to convey a message that would not just serve as a product benefit, but as something more, something that would stand as a philosophy that PowerCell would offer to their customers. The communication idea was based on PowerCell’s greatest strength – a ready source of light in moments of utter darkness.

‘Light’ becomes something more – standing for a brighter future, for hope, for a way out of financial woes. Hence the brand message: “Ab andhera kahaan!”

The film opens with an evening session of street cricket in a small town in a middle-class neighbourhood. The game is being conducted under bright sodium-vapour street lamps. The film opens as a cricket ball flies through a window, shattering it and disappearing into the house. From the expressions on the players’ faces (children aged between nine and 12) one realises that that particular window is bad news. In a flash, the street empties out as the children disappear into the safety of their homes. The front door opens and an old lady limps out. She wears thick glasses and a mean expression, and carries a walking stick. Through a parted curtain of a second floor window, two kids watch her with apprehension as she steps towards the middle of the street.

Back in the street, the old lady is halted in her tracks as the power goes, plunging the street and the surrounding houses into darkness. She is disoriented in the dark, and doesn’t know which way to go. She stumbles forward a couple of steps and stops. Back through the second floor window, one of the boys stifles a giggle as she turns around in a circle, her groping hands still in front of her, her sense of direction gone. The giggling boy’s friend fetches a PowerCell torch and shines it through the window, creating a pool of light at the lady’s feet. He moves the torch, almost showing her the way home. Gratefully, she turns in that direction. His friends take his lead and do the same from their windows. Thus creating a passage of light in the darkness, lighting her way from where she stands to her front door. She gratefully shuffles back home. After a few moments, the cricket ball comes bouncing out into the street.

The ad seeks to create an impact with a dominating presence to a target consumer who is complex, a multi-tasker and seeks brand relevance all the time. Hence, the basic rules drawn were – no me-too’s, highly engaging, buzz generators and looking at quality more than GRPs.

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