EuroRSCG turns focus on new imperatives for the new economy

EuroRSCG turns focus on new imperatives for the new economy

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Saturday, Oct 10,2009 8:22 AM

EuroRSCG turns focus on new imperatives for the new economy

EuroRSCG delved on ‘New Imperatives for the New Economy’ at a seminar held in Mumbai on October 9, 2009. On the occasion, Zain Raj, Global CEO of EuroRSCG Discovery, spoke on leveraging data to drive sustainable growth in the new economy. The seminar saw a wide cross-section of people from the retail, finance, automotive, healthcare and FMCG sectors.

Speaking at the seminar, Raj said, “EuroRSCG aims to help clients develop behavioural strategies and behavioural marketing programmes that help them make their brand promises personal by using data. So far, date has been used for basic functions like loyalty programmes and customer relationship management. EuroRSCG wants to help clients by using data in a strategic way to tackle business issues, thereby giving them the ability to make much more impact through all stages of the customer lifecycle. They want to highlight the unexplored power of data and how it can not only be a tool to manage your existing customer base but expand it substantially.”

He further said, “We see lot of potential in India as we see huge opportunities in business. We are working with Airtel on a large CRM programme. We will be showcasing our global expertise in India.”

EuroRSCG is one of the global leaders in using data for marketing and has done commendable work on data analytics for clients like Diageo, IBM, Jaguar, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Sprint, Volkswagen, Citibank and Tesco. In his role as CEO of EuroRSCG Discovery, Raj runs the agency’s North America operation. Raj is a recognised industry expert who has more than 20 years of expertise to the CRM and loyalty marketing arm of EuroRSCG Worldwide.

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