Equus Red Cell partners with one/one design

Equus Red Cell partners with one/one design

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Thursday, Mar 17,2011 9:54 AM

Equus Red Cell partners with one/one design

Equus Red Cell on March 16, 2011, announced a strategic partnership with Kolkata-based one/one design, Anurag Hira’s new design venture. Both firms will retain their own entities and will collaborate over geographies to work for their clientele.

This arrangement gives one/one design access to the geographies of Mumbai and New Delhi, while Equus will now have access to Kolkata. Both Swapan Seth, who runs Equus, and Anurag Hira, Co-owner of one/one design, have worked deeply and closely for most parts of their careers on leading brands across the country.

Hira, along with Suhel and Swapan Seth, was a founder member of Equus.

Commenting on the arrangement, Anurag Hira said, “Businesses in the future and of the future have to be built on the plinth of PALs (Pooling, Allying, and Linking).”

When asked about the arrangement, Swapan Seth replied, “This collaboration is nothing but the confluence of chemistry and capability. We will complement our individual capabilities. Equus does not have an amplified design vision. one/one design does not have an amplified advertising interest. Then there are geographical opportunities as well.”

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