: Equus Red Cell kickstarts Bangalore office riding on Rs 15-cr Whyte & Mackay account

: Equus Red Cell kickstarts Bangalore office riding on Rs 15-cr Whyte & Mackay account

Author | Abhijeet Mukherjee | Tuesday, Jul 24,2007 9:39 AM

: Equus Red Cell kickstarts Bangalore office riding on Rs 15-cr Whyte & Mackay account

Equus Red Cell is on quite a roll these days. It has kick-started its Bangalore operations with three account wins led by the prestigious Whyte & Mackay communication business from the UB Group. In addition, the agency has also won the businesses of Asipac, a real estate marketing and services company, and The Taj F&B. The Whyte & Mackay business, estimated by industry sources at around Rs 15 crore plus, went to Equus without any pitch. It is a global play for the UB Group.

Equus will be involved in the strategic journey of these three brands as well as their entire communication needs. The aggregate value of these three business is being estimated at around Rs 25 crore by industry hands.

An excited Swapan Seth, CEO, Equus Red Cell, commented, “It is a testimony to the excellent relationship shared between the UB Group and Equus Red Cell. It is based on mutual respect and performance in the marketplace earned through the launch and continued handling of the Kingfisher Airlines business. It is a reward for what we did on the Kingfisher Airlines business and it’s a nod to our skills in the premium consumption space. It is also the perfect way to kick-start our Bangalore office. Bangalore was always intended to be set up for the Whyte and Mackay business. There is nothing more reassuring than setting up an office on the back of one of the city’s most respected advertisers -- UB Group.”

When asked about the reasons for these wins, Seth said, “The UB Group has at its disposal the largest agencies in the country that work for it. To give us the crown jewels is a message of nothing but finite faith.”

The Bangalore office
As for the new Bangalore office, Seth informed, “We already have a plan in place. We will be recruiting ferociously in Bangalore. We wish to cobble together a young, global workforce that will service the three businesses we have from day one of commencing operations -- Whyte & Mackay, Asipac and The Taj F&B businesses. These are star businesses and I dare say the beginning of what we hope will be a charming constellation of clients and colleagues.”

Speaking on the need to open the Bangalore office, Seth said, “This is the city where I started off my career after I returned from Hong Kong. I have strong umbilical cords with clients and colleagues in Bangalore. I know how to leverage those. Besides, Bangalore is a nice window to the South. We are looking at retail, foods and IT solutions with a focused strategy. These are important opportunities.”

He added, “The Bangalore office would be right sized with around 25 employees, like our Mumbai and Delhi office. As for the branch head, we are into negotiations and I cannot divulge any name yet.”

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