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Enfatico draws up India plans; Dell remains first priority

Enfatico draws up India plans; Dell remains first priority

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Oct 27,2008 8:26 AM

Enfatico draws up India plans; Dell remains first priority

WPP’s Enfatico, positioned as the next generation agency through a global, multi-disciplinary approach to marketing services, has started its operations in India and has set shop in the IT hub of Bangalore. The city also hosts the Lenovo Hub created by Ogilvy to handle Lenovo’s business. Set up to bring together Dell’s marketing and communications business under one roof, Enfatico has started to put together a dedicated team to handle the Dell business.

Harish Vasudevan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Enfatico, explains in detail the mandate for Enfatico in India. He said, “We have two mandates for Enfatico India. First, is work with Dell to build the most desired PC brand in India. Second, is to represent the values and live the vision of Enfatico worldwide. Our vision centres around integration of disciplines and geographies, and analytics by using high-end modelling that interprets data for superior marketing decisions and efficiency. This will ensure in delivering the highest ROI for global marketing dollars.”

Currently, Enfatico physically resides within a Bates 141 location as the agency incubated Enfatico through its birth. On the leadership of Enfatico in India, Vasudevan said, “We have an umbilical cord relationship with Bates 141. The head of Bates Bangalore (Ashok Vidyasagar) heads Enfatico Bangalore too. Over time, we will create a greater separation with Bates on the front end as we are a separate agency within the WPP family. At that time, we will revisit the leadership arrangement.”

In December 2007, when Dell partnered with WPP to launch a specialised marketing communications firm that brought all aspects of communication under one roof, the move was seen as both a breakthrough and also invited intense industry debates on what would be the implications of such a model on the global ad industry. The working title for this project then was ‘Da Vinci’, and it was only in June 2008 that the operation was christened ‘Enfatico’.

Over the last few months, Enfatico has faced serious criticism from the global advertising fraternity, with many even questioning why no work had been seen from the agency. The first campaign from this unit has, in fact, only recently been unveiled. With that, and the aggression that WPP is showing for the agency in the various markets, including India, it is clear that Enfatico is giving the critics something to chew on.

Meanwhile, Vasudevan clarified that Bangalore would continue to be their base, but as their businesses grew, Enfatico would evaluate other opportunities to expand presence.

On taking on other business, Vasudevan categorically said, “Yes, we will definitely be scouting for new business opportunities. However, bear in mind that our first priority is Dell. So, we don’t want to do anything that distracts us from that. Also, Enfatico was set up with a certain vision and we would like to work with clients, who support this vision. This will be our differentiating factor. To that end, we have very modest ambitions with respect to new businesses.”

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