EMVIES ups its scale, introduces new categories

EMVIES ups its scale, introduces new categories

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, May 22,2006 6:24 AM

EMVIES ups its scale, introduces new categories

EMVIES has gone the whole hog in 2006 to ensure that the industry is completely involved in the evolution of the media awards. The Bombay Ad Club had organised a pre-judging cocktail, wherein members from the industry were invited to offer suggestions on how the awards could be improved even further. Consequently, EMVIES has induced some changes in 2006.

Beginning this year, the ‘Best Media Strategy’ has been divided into three sub-categories – Consumer Products, Consumer Durables and Services. Ad Club’s Bipin Pandit explained, “This is an important category and we wanted to encourage more entries coming in this category. Also, there is much that is happening across the board in various industries today. This ensures that we have been able to see and award some of the best work that has been done in these sub-categories.”

Another key change in EMVIES 2006 categories is the introduction of ‘Best Integrated Campaign’. This would be the best Integrated Campaign across a minimum of three media vehicles, which demonstrates outstanding media strategy, analysis and clearly directed towards achieving media objectives.

Speaking on this, Pandit elaborated, “Many agencies are at present moving towards offering integrated solutions and many clients are seeking those kinds of solutions. From that point of view, the industry seniors we met at the pre-judging cocktail emphasised on the need of a separate category that would recognise these initiatives from agencies.”

Yet another point, which the EMVIES is placing greater recognition on this time, has been in the ‘Best Media Innovation’ segment. The segment looks at separate awards for innovations in various mediums like TV, Print, Out-of-Home, Cinema, Radio and so on. Of these segments, the medium of Internet has now been converted to Digital.

“The idea is to include innovations that happen not just on the Internet, which would also include the likes of blogs and podcasting, but also in other digital mediums like mobile, SMS and so on,” added Pandit.

In all, EMVIES 2006 presents a heightened challenge and a better opportunity to media professionals.

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