EMVIES is more than just acknowledging innovations: publishers

EMVIES is more than just acknowledging innovations: publishers

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, May 27,2004 7:32 AM

EMVIES is more than just acknowledging innovations: publishers

Most areas of the industry are looking forward to EMVIES and print is no exception. If anything, this segment is more exhilarated than any else. Reiterating that EMVIES has played an important role in not just representing media evolution but also in boosting it, news publications cast their vote in favour of this media institution.

“Compare it to the Abbys and you know the difference,” remarks Bharat Kapadia, Publisher, Chitralekha, “In the Abbys, you win an award just on the basis of its creativity. But in the case of EMVIES, not only does the idea have to be creative but it also has to be effective. So, competitors here have a dual responsibility.”

Highlighting the role of EMVIES, Bhaskar Das, Director, Marketing, The Times of India, says, “With increased options and complexities in media selection processes, media strategy has become an integral part of marketing strategy. I think the aim of EMVIES is to encourage healthy competition and high quality work within the industry. With continuous insistence of advertisers to improve the RoI of their second level, it needs a creative mind to deliver the desired result.”

“EMVIES is the first award which is recognising media values which are important to clients,” quips Rohit Adya, Associate Vice President, Hindustan Times, “In fact this year the three new categories which are being created in media innovation awards are direct marketing, events and never-used media."

Speaking on the evolution of the awards itself, Das adds, “If one evaluates the number of entries year after year, it shows that the industry is getting conscious of its role of delivering quality output.”

And are the publications prepared for the competition this year? Eenadu’s Marketing Head, I Venkat, comments, “It is always a motivator to have a platform like this. We have always looked forward to EMVIES and same is the case this year as well. It brings together some fantastic initiatives that are taken over the year. It is not just an experience of contests but a learning one too.”

As for TOI, Das states, “As a media house, we have been encouraging clients to experiment in our various platforms. We look forward to EMVIES each year to expose ourselves to high quality work that has been done by various media department of agencies and clients. It helps in expanding one’s vista on a subject which is both science and an art.”

“We have been the frontrunners when it comes to innovation in print and employing effective strategies and our efforts have been recognised too. We have actively participated in EMVIES and even for this year, we are totally geared up,” declares Kapadia.

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