EMVIES gets more comprehensive, includes new categories

EMVIES gets more comprehensive, includes new categories

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, May 18,2004 7:24 AM

EMVIES gets more comprehensive, includes new categories

As has been the trend for every passing year, in 2004 too EMVIES has added new categories. The awards have included three sub-categories in the ‘Best Media Innovation’ segment. Added to that, there are two separate categories this year for which the industry will contest.

In the ‘Best Media Innovation’ category, the three new sub-sections are in the areas of ‘Events’, ‘Direct marketing’ and ‘Never used before media’. Apurva Purohit, Chairperson, EMVIES, explained, “There are various activities now that are done at these levels. Events and direct marketing have turned into strong tools that media marketers use these days to communicate their messages more effectively. The new sections would recognise these efforts.”

Purohit said the category of ‘Never used before media’ also reflects the fact that there are many distinct media initiatives that have been taken in the past year. “This should be an interesting category,” she remarked, “with all the different kinds of innovative things that professionals do these days.”

One separate category included this year is that of ‘Most Innovative Media Marketer’. In terms of media marketers, until last year, the EMVIES stopped at the ‘Best Media Marketer of the Year’. “Media marketers are a very important part of any innovation,” she said, adding, “There are instances when innovations have taken place at that end. Also, innovations mean to experiment, which is taking a chance. I think this aspect of a media marketer has to be recognised as there are cases when most innovative ideas haven’t materialised just because a marketer hasn’t tried them for whatever reason.”

Another category introduced this year is the ‘Grand EMVIE’. This award is for an entry getting the highest aggregate across all categories. The aim is to acknowledge entries that have shown excellence across categories. Also, this year, the audience have a right to vote as well.

On the case-study presentation day, the winner of the best case study presentation would be given a special memento at the awards ceremony. “Media is growing at a good pace today. The idea is to recognise every attribute that plays a role in that growth,” Purohit said.

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